WATCH: Love Is Literally In The Air With Piolo Pascual And His ‘Hot’ New Date

Last wednesday, Piolo Pascual sent the social media ablaze with his double-tap-worthy selfie—along with the caption “can’t wait for 🔥❤️ (fire and heart emojis)”.


Can’t wait for 🔥❤️

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Fans were quick to speculate about the real meaning of his Instagram post—considering Piolo has been keeping mum about his personal life. The same goes for his upcoming projects. So his loyal supporters were practically ~begging~ the Kapamilya heartthrob to spill the beans, stat.


WATCH Love Is Literally In The Air With Piolo Pascual And His Hot New Date 1


What’s the real deal? Watch the unexpected revelation here!

As it turns out, the Kapamilya singer-actor is about to go on a hot air balloon adventure with his too-hot-to-handle date—the new Andok’s Spicy Dokito. The video is downright hilarious. But TBH, we can totally see ourselves dating a Spicy Dokito, too. Because who says we can’t?

Still, we’re open (and patiently waiting!) for another major news about Piolo Pascual’s love life. We’re seriously invested—and we wouldn’t mind seeing him in a Spicy Dokito date with his ‘the one’.