WATCH: This Touching Selecta Ad Shows What A Real Home Is Made Of

Not bricks and stones. Nor plush interiors. But a house filled with unconditional love. And in the case of Selecta’s newest ad, a father who will welcome you with open arms. No matter how long you’ve been gone. Or where you came from. 

Watch this heartwarming video to see Selecta’s take on what a real home is made of!

This video gave us all the ~feels~. It inspires us to say ‘thank you’ to the man who taught us that a real home can be shared by anyone. Even if they don’t share the same surname or DNA. Of course, it also serves a reminder to spend quality time with your dad. Because no matter how old you get, he’ll always be waiting for your much-awaited reunion at home. 

Just don’t forget to give him a sweet treat. Especially now that Father’s Day is fast approaching. Give your tatay a one big hug. And maybe a tub of his favorite Selecta ice cream to make the celebration one for the books. 

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To Your Dad on Father’s Day!

Ang #SarapMagbonding with Selecta this Father’s Day!
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