Unforgettable Chinese-themed Kapamilya teleseryes and characters

Chinese cultures and traditions have reached different parts of the globe and have influenced cultures embraced by other nations, including the Philippines.

From the food we consume and the products we use every day to our customs and traditions, it’s really undeniable that the Chinese culture absolutely created a great impact to us Filipinos with their influences becoming omnipresent.

Here in ABS-CBN.com Entertainment, we’re one with our Chinese friends in celebrating one of the most festive and most important event annually – the Lunar New Year. As we usher in the Year of the Pig, let’s take a look back on the Chinese-themed Kapamilya teleseryes that we truly enjoyed in the past years.
Wansapanataym: My Kung Fu Chinito (2015)

Another series inspired by the famous martial arts was the Wansapantaym book My Kung Fu Chinito top-billed by Enchong Dee and Richard Yap in 2015.

This didn’t only deliver enjoyment to the viewers, but inspiration as well, as we witnessed Diego’s (played by Enchong) rise from being a zero to a hero dubbed “Kung Fu Chinito”. But before he was able to fully use his fighting prowess and his supernatural powers that came from a yinyang medallion, he rigorously trained under the strict OG (or original) Kung Fu Chinito (played by Richard).

My Binondo Girl (2011)

This romantic comedy drama released in 2011 mirrors the struggle some of the children born to Chinese and/or non-Chinese parents have to go through. Aside from China’s One Child Policy, there are also instances when female children are disregarded because the males are more favored under the Chinese tradition, just like what happened to the titular character named Jade Dimaguiba, played by Kim Chiu. 

Growing up with no paternal figure in her life, she’s been craving her whole life to meet her biological Chinese father Chen Sy (Richard Yap). After many years, their paths crossed when he arrived in the Philippines to find her Filipina mom, who used to be his wife, Zeny (Ai Ai Delas Alas) and to see their son Yuan. Zeny refused to tell him what happened to their second child, but unbeknownst to him, she suffered miscarriage and lost him when she went back to the country with their firstborn Jade.

The cold treatment her Papa Chen had been giving her inspired her to do well in school so that she can prove him that she’s also worthy of his affection and to gain his acceptance as well. However, a certain turn of events forced her to disguise as her brother Yuan, which gave her the opportunity to be closer to her father.
It was a happily ever after as Chen finally acknowledged Jade and his relationship with Zeny was rekindled.

Kung Fu Kids (2008)

Kung Fu, as what we all know, is a popular Chinese martial art that has been featured in innumerable films and series both local and international.

In 2008, ABS-CBN launched a primetime teleserye inspired by it and was starred by eight of the most promising child stars of that time – Jairus Aquino, Joseph Andre Garcia, Eliza Pineda, Paul Salas, Jane Oineza, Kristoffer Martin, Joshua Dionisio, and Darien O’Dell.

It followed the journey of eight kids from various walks of life who trained under a villager named Kung Krung (Sid Lucero) who’s actually a Kung Fu master from China. They were able to develop their exceptional combatting skills and transformed into unlikely heroes who fought against the evil forces that put the people’s lives in danger.