LizQuen’s Top #CloserThanEver Moments

From a beautiful love story in the province of Benguet, to taking second chances in Seoul, LizQuen has given us all kinds of kilig on and off-screen through the years. And, as Lakas and Ganda’s story ends, we’ll take you to a quick trip down memory lane. Here are some of Liza and Enrique’s most memorable TV and movie roles!


1. Agnes and Xander (2014)



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The cold weather is always a good excuse to layer up and get cozy with someone special-- just like LizQuen’s first teleserye lead roles! They just couldn’t remove the big smiles on their faces, can they?


2. Ethan and Audrey (2015)



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Fondly known as the “Silay Scooter Girl,” Liza’s Audrey is torn between the man of her dreams and the man who makes her dreams come true. Well, if she were to ask us, we’d say we know someone who’s both. Clue: his name starts with an E, and it’s not Ethan! 

3. Serena and Tenten (2016)

Serena and Tenten’s story proved that life’s all but a beautiful fairytale-- and that’s what makes it, as Serena puts it, “perfect.” Their journey wasn’t easy (at all!), but it was all those detours and roadblocks that made them stronger together… and a whole lot closer!

4. Cali and Gio (2017)


Quen • Illecebrous 🍂

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It’s hard to earn someone’s trust, but you know what’s harder? Earning it, again. LizQuen perfectly played the part of ex-lovers Cali and Gio, who showed us that people *can* change and love is sweeter the second time around!

5. Lakas and Ganda (2018)


Paalam Lakas at Ganda 💙

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In their most recent roles, Liza and Enrique gave life to two of Sansinukob’s Baganis, who were destined to overcome incredible odds-- and they did it epic-ly! But amidst the many battles they took on, LizQuen’s Lakas and Ganda still managed to give us all the feels!

We can’t deny the fact that LizQuen has come a long way. Over the years, we have seen them become #CloserThanEver (figuratively and literally speaking!)-- thanks to the extra boost of confidence and freshness they get from Closeup with anti-bacterial mouthwash! With its unique formula, Liza and Enrique weren’t afraid to get even closer in their most recent show.

And while they are set to work on separate projects for the meantime, we bet they’ll still have a lot of #CloserThanEver moments-- only this time, it’s going to be away from the rolling cameras!

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