Liza Soberano will share #AlwaysReady Tips to get that #StarMagicReady vibe

Here’s what we know about Liza Soberano: first, her huge and successful projects solidified her name in the industry; second, she’s #StarMagicReady ever since the beginning. There goes the million dollar question: how can someone be like this Pinay beauty?

Lucky for these ladies, they’ll get the answer straight from Liza Soberano. Eight aspiring artists and content creators were chosen by Clean & Clear to join a specially-designed workshop under Star Magic. Liza will personally help these girls to #BeAlwaysReady - be it on-cam or off-cam.

See their behind-the-scene kulitan during their first meeting:

Looks like these girls are #AlwaysReady for the camera, right?

SNAPCHAT! Of course, these beauties are #AlwaysReady to update their avid followers on social media.

And here they are, proudly stating their #AlwaysReady mantra to the whole world!

Apart from this workshop, Liza shares another secret to achieving that #StarMagicReady vibe: being a celebrity means being camera-ready all the time; keeping complexion in tip-top shape is definitely a must. So, Liza uses trustworthy products to get that ever-elusive glow – like Clean and Clear. The brand’s oil control products can provide that fresh looking glow for up to 8 hours, making Liza ready for the camera and sudden situations, pronto.

The secret to stardom involves no magic. As long as you have the skills, charm, and passion for your craft, who knows if you’re another Liza Soberano in the making?

To learn more about these girls’ journey through the workshop, always check the Clean & Clear Facebook page at