PAANDAR 2018: 6 inspiring, remarkable MMK love stories that warmed our hearts

Throughout its almost three decades on television, Maalaala Mo Kaya has brought us a variety of stories telling the lives of various people from different walks of life that brought us to a rollercoaster of emotions, taught us a lesson or two, and gave us inspiration to be better persons not only for ourselves, but for others as well.

Most of the episodes tackled the inspiring tales of people who persevered and worked hard in order to attain their dreams or get to where they are right now and of those who suffered extreme hardships in life but are able to overcome them because of their faith and optimism.

But there are also a plethora of love stories that truly touched our hearts and restored our belief in love, such as the following unforgettable tales of love that were featured this year on the longest-running drama anthology:


When it comes to romantic relationships, many of us believe that “age does not matter”, particularly those who are involved in May-December affairs. Although couples with huge age gaps are usually prone to snide remarks and scrutiny of the people around them, they still choose to continue whatever relationship they have and follow their hearts.

Just like Nilo and Boni, who have more than three decades between them yet still fought for their love, despite the objections and jibes they received from their respective families and the people around them.

Their closeness began when Boni (Lorna Tolentino) suffered from depression after her husband's demise and Nilo (Ejay Falcon) has consistently stayed by her side until she moved on from grief. He also tried to confess his special feelings for her, but she refused it and told him to just suppress or forget about it.

He persistently wooed her for two years to no avail. He even tried to commit with another girl, but his love for her remains stronger. On the other hand, she was able to muster enough courage to 'fess up and face her children who were still against their romance. Thus, they eloped to Mindoro and began a new life together.

However, their relationship got on the rocks which led to their separation. This took a toll on her health which made her children change their minds and accept their union. They've been living for eleven years now and tied the knot recently.


Just when Vhinez (Yves Flores) thought that he would wake up to another ordinary day, he had met the angel on earth who is destined to be his partner through the ups and downs of life -- his gracious girlfriend Grace (Kira Balinger).

From the first time they met, he had been transparent about his special feelings towards her through his endearing gestures. However, she relayed that she's not prepared yet to commit because she still has to address her family issues and finish her studies first, to which he is willing to wait.

Their flourishing romance got immediately tested when they got into a vehicular accident which truly affected every aspect of their lives. But instead of giving up on their relationship, and even on their lives, they stood up together and just went back to what they've been doing since then -- modelling -- while working on their regular jobs after college.

They're stronger than ever at the present, and even tried their luck together on the Star Hunt nationwide auditions!


It is arguably unlikely to see couples who are both members of the LGBTQ+ (Lesbians, Gay, Bisexuals, Transgenders, Queer +) community for they become subject of criticisms of the people around them.

This is  what happened to the adorable romance of a gay named Jeffrey (Neil Coleta) and a lesbian named Ashley (Alora Assam), who amidst the disparaging comments and doubts, still continued the affair they almost gave up.

Together, they have conquered every problem that emerged and are currently raising their daughter Natalia.


A portion of it might be shot at the "Happiest Place on Earth" Hong Kong Disneyland, which had been on the bucket list of our featured couple Karla (Bela Padilla) and Gio (JC Santos), but their love story is one of the saddest we have witnessed.

They used to be high school sweethearts and have been together for more or less a decade. Many deemed of them as an ideal couple and already on their way to the altar, until Karla had to call it quits after she caught Gio cheating during their "dream escapade".

He did everything to win her back, but she was so stern. While he's exerting effort and getting every chance that he could, she's trying to move on by simply enjoying the company of her friends and by meeting new people.

In the long run, Karla accepted his apology and request for a second chance, and they eventually got back in each other's arms as well.


Another pair of childhood sweethearts, Daisy (Janella Salvador) and Darling (Elmo Magalona) thrilled us with their very relatable tale.

Initially, it was just a one-sided love, with her proudly declaring her huge admiration towards him who had been irritated with her. But as they grew old, a big change suddenly came when he started giving her the attention she'd been yearning for from him.

Everything seemed to be perfect, if not for Darling's philandering schemes that ensued to their unfortunate breakup. Daisy was stern at first, but her heart eventually softened and gave him a second chance. This time, he was able to prove to her and her family that he'd positively changed and was more serious about their relationship, thus ensuing to their beautiful wedding.


Aldrin (Khalil Ramos) and Angel's (Sofia Andres) romance began to gain the public attention with his thrilling and lovely proposal to her during their town's fun run.

Months after, they once again was put into the limelight when she died due to heart failure.

But what we didn't know about this couple was that they had to hurdle a lot of challenges before reaching to where they were.

They got through a major breakup, when Angel called it quits and had a relationship with her boss Justin (Angelo Ilagan). Aldrin never stopped wooing her until he decided to leave and let them be.

She was able to stop him from going elsewhere and confessed that she's still in love with him. They tied the knot and started building their own family.

Everything was fine, until they found out that she had a congenital heart defect that led to her unfortunate death.

Angel might have left him, but there's another "angel" who gave him motivation and the will to live -- their child.

Did your most memorable love story made it to the list?