Angel finishes final mission in “The General’s Daughter’s” last week
Angel finishes final mission in The General s Daughter s last week 1

Angel Locsin is strapping viewers in for a rollercoaster of action scenes, thrilling stunts, and moving moments in The General’s Daughter” as she scrambles to complete her final mission in the top-rating teleserye’s finale on October 4.

In the last week of the biggest teleserye of 2019, Rhian (Angel) finds herself desperately seeking justice and stopping Tiago (Tirso Cruz III) from gaining absolute political power.

A staunch believer in violence, Tiago intends to kill thousands of innocent lives to fulfill his long-time dream of destroying the army and the government and leading the country. With a detailed and deadly strategy to achieve this, he uses his mole Cinco (Mercedes Cabral), who poses as an aspiring senate president who detests terrorists.

But time is running out for Rhian, Franco (Paulo Avelino), and her father Marcial (Albert Martinez), who are currently at large and being hunted by the authorities.

While Corazon (Eula Valdez) is worrying about the safety of her husband and daughter, Amelia (Janice De Belen) has resolutely decided to leave Tiago to get away and start a new life with their son.

Will Rhian succeed in her mission to end Tiago and clear her name?

Since "The General's Daughter" premiered in January, viewers have unwaveringly watched and supported the series, which has consistently topped nationwide ratings, earned praises for the performances of its all-star cast, and generated discussions on social media.

Some of the most talked about moments from the series include Angel’s thrilling scenes where she did her own stunts, her character Rhian uncovering the truth about her real identity as Arabella, and the deaths of Elai (Arjo Atayde) and Sabel (Maricel Soriano) in the hands of Tiago.

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