21 TV Moments of the Royal Princess of Drama

16) Wansapanataym: The Christmas Visitor (2013)
Julia's first appearance in the fantaserye was for a Christmas special. She was casted alongside Ejay Falcon.

17) Ikaw Lamang (2014)
The story of Ikaw Lamang followed the lives of Samuel (Coco Martin), Isabelle (Kim Chiu), Mona (Julia Montes), and Franco (Jake Cuenca). Mona Roque was the loyal friend and secret admirer of Samuel who returned to Salvacion in Negros Island after studying in Manila.

18) Wansapanataym: Three-in-One (2014)
Far from her real self, Julia played the role of a baduy girl who wanted to be part of the it crowd.

19) Maalaala Mo Kaya: Picture (2015)
Julia played the role of Rosa, a mistress. Other actors in the episode were Antoinette Taus and Joross Gamboa.

20) Wansapanataym: Yamashita's Treasures (2015)

For 12 episodes, Julia was Tanya in Wansapanataym's mini-series. The princess of supernatural beings, she went on a mission on Earth to save the life of her grandfather.

21) Doble Kara (2015-2016)

The "Royal Prinsesa ng Drama" has proven that she's worthy of the title after showcasing powerful scenes and heavy-acting in the teleserye "Doble Kara." The stint is not just any other portrayal since she plays both Sara and Kara, twin daughters of Laura and Ishmael. To add to the already challenging role (or roles), the characters have opposite traits, mannerisms, facial expressions, and even way of speaking after growing up in different homes and even different lifestyles.


Happy birthday, Kapamilya Julia!

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