LOOK: Momshie Jolina’s Back-To-School Supplies Checklist
LOOK Momshie Jolina s Back To School Supplies Checklist 1

A lot of kids get nervous about their first day of school, but they’re not the only ones who get the jitters. Most of the time, the pressure, really, is on the moms, especially the working ones. Would my kid fit in? Is my child ready? Not to mention, the back-to-school shopping every parent has to go through—even our Momshie, Jolina Magdangal!

Like non-showbiz mommies, Momshie Jolina always makes sure that her son, Pele, would have everything he needs in his school bag once the school year starts. To help us out, she even shared her school supplies checklist. Tick these items off one by one, and you’ll be on your way to saying, “School, we’re super ready for you!” 

•    Blue Backpack
•    Blue Lunchbox
•    Pencils (preferably, #2)
•    Cartoon Eraser
•    Plastic Cover
•    Plastic Envelope
•    12-inch Ruler
•    Erasable Crayons
•    Intermediate Pad Paper (½ Crosswise)
•    Intermediate Pad Paper (8.5 x 10”)
•    Construction Paper - 10 sheets
•    Short Bond Paper - 20 sheets
•    Child-safe Blue Scissors
•    Watercolor Set of 36 Colors (as Pele has a knack for painting)
•    Wood Handle Artist Paint Brush Set
•    Plastic Covered Folders

Because it’s such a huge hassle to find everything on the list, as a bonus tip, Jolina encourages moms to look for a one stop shop where you could find everything you need at an affordable price, like National Book Store! 

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*SPOILER ALERT* Jolina bumps into a close friend!

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