Fun Halloween costume ideas for couples inspired by Kapamilya shows

It’s the time of the year again when almost everyone’s trying to kick costume gaming up a notch as they attend various Halloween parties. But if you’re still wondering what to wear and want to veer away from the usual scary and superhero costumes, here’s some suggestions that you and your bae may consider, courtesy of our favorite TV show couples.

Malia and Tristan / Jacinta and Gilbert, La Luna Sangre

Unleash the inner warrior and beasts in you as you recreate the looks of these four headliners through the pieces found in your closet!

Since Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla’s characters are frequently involved in fighting scenes, anything dark-toned, loose or rugged yet chic are their common outfits. Complete these with comfy pairs of sneakers or boots.

For Malia, you may go for a sheer and body-hugging long sleeves and tactical pants, aside from the other set of her attire we mentioned in a previous article. Don’t forget to braid your tresses depending on the style you want.

White round neck shirts, stylish jacket, and skinny jeans make up the modern action star stance of Tristan. You may color a few strands of your hair red and fix it by brushing up.

If you’re eyeing to look more elegant and dapper, you may mimic the signature styles of Angel Locsin as the Lady in Red and Richard Gutierrez as the cunning Gilbert/ Supremo. But let us remind you that copping these characters require wearing contact lenses and fake fangs so be prepared for the discomfort it may cause.

An all-black ensemble and a red robe will turn you into the stunning Lady in Red while any suit you prefer, trousers, and vintage spectacles will give you the Gilbert look.

Cardo and Glen, FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

We’ve seen Coco Martin don various disguises for the hit cop series, but his Brad Pitt semblance is one of our favorites. Aside from trying to appear well-off and speaking in English, it was also when Cardo forced his former buddy Glen Corpuz (Maja Salvador) to dress-up sophisticatedly too. And the result, they seemed like a parody of the BrAngelina tandem as seen in the Hollywood flick Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

To cop Cardo’s look, top your favorite tee with a posh jacket paired with black denim pants and black leather shoes. Don’t forget the wayfarers, flat cap, and gold blings!

For girls, put on your favorite classy maxi jumpsuit or dress and pair it with high-heels. Cap the A-lister look with sun hat, posh bag, and sunglasses. 

Karylle and Jhong Hilario, It’s Showtime

Their presentation in the recently concluded Magpasikat Week touched a lot of hearts. Aside from the unique storyline, the scenic design and their costumes stunned us too! Karylle’s resemblance of a caterpillar and Jhong Hilario’s intricate cockroach get-up give us a brilliant yet complicated and costly costume idea perfect for the Halloween.

Kim Shin and Erin / Grim Reaper and Sunny, Goblin

It was such a spectacular and whimsical show, making it difficult for us to get over it. Well, you may opt to copy their fabulous attires that’s not only good for the party, but with the chilly weather as well.

Bring the quirky couples to life by considering this outfit suggestions for each of the characters:

To show Erin’s juvenility, pull on your school uniform (or you may borrow to your little sister) and layer it with hoodie jacket and a red scarf. Turtlenecks, trench coats, and denim pants are for Goblin wannabes. You may also bring a fake sword to look legit.

Make a grand entrance ala-Grim Reaper by being cladded in a formal, top-to-toe all-black ensemble and cap it with a fedora hat. Your beautiful arm candy should resemble the ever-chic Sunny by wearing a turtleneck top, denim pants, and leather boots with a trench coat as cover-up.

Kim Bok Joo and Joon Hyung, Weightlifting Fairy

Still got a hangover with this cute K-drama? Tap the ‘Chubs’ of your life and ask him/her to attend the party with a swag like sweethearts Kim Bok Joo and Joon Hyung.

To cop the look of our dear heroine, get a sweater a bit larger than your size and pull it over a collared button down or polo shirt. Pair it with your trusty denim pants and pair of kicks. It’s also preferable if you cut your locks like hers.

For the guys, loose plain tee and bomber jacket coupled with slashed denim pants and sneakers will make you look as awesome as our dashing hero. Don’t forget the ‘cachupoy’ hair (‘do parted in the middle)!

You may get the matching devil and angel headbands they wore on their first date.

Who says you can’t look fashionable and cute this Halloween with your significant other?