ICYMI: Here Are Our Top Fave Moments from the Idol Philippines’ Finale!

Wooooooh! It has been days but we still can’t move on from the Idol Philippines’ Final Showdown. The last episode of this amazing singing competition had everything we were wishing for and more! Here, we list down our favorite moments from the finale!

The glamorous OOTDs of our Idol Judges!

When it comes to fashion, our Idol judges got style! Every weekend, they never failed to bless us with outfits that slay! And during the finale show, they wowed us with their awesome OOTDs. We loved Judge Moira’s simple and elegant pieces. Judge Regine’s kweenly looks were just gorgeous! Judge Vice’s extravagant getup got us all enthralled. And of course, Judge James was a remarkable sight with his swoon-worthy ensemble.

ICYMI Here Are Our Top Fave Moments from the Idol Philippines Finale  1

World-class performances from the Idol finalists!

Week after week, we have seen them go through different challenges in their Idol journey. We have seen them grow as performers and how they found their voices and identities as artists. So this time, we were eager to see more mature performances from our Top 5 Idol finalists with their unique singing style and personality on stage. And true enough, they did not disappoint! Lucas’ soulful singing brought us all the feels. We were left mesmerized by Zephanie’s crystal clear voice. It was a delight to be serenaded by Miguel and his smooth vocals. Dan’s charismatic voice was just pure bliss. And Lance has impressed us again and again with his incredibly distinct sound.

The reveal of the first Idol Philippines!

From five, three Idol finalists were chosen through voting and judges’ deliberation to compete for the final showdown. Lucas, Lance, and Zephanie each gave outstanding performances with their journey and original songs. We’re sure that the Idol judges had a hard time deciding on their choice. In the end, the name that echoed throughout the venue and was declared the first Idol Philippines belonged to the 16 year-old girl from Laguna, Zephanie Dimaranan.

ICYMI Here Are Our Top Fave Moments from the Idol Philippines Finale  2

For Zephanie, third time is indeed a charm. Before joining Idol Philippines, she already competed in two other ABS-CBN singing competitions. But it is not only by mere luck that she got the title as the first Idol Philippines—this girl worked hard for it! She always came 100% prepared for every performance, with each number showcasing her energy and singing prowess. And it is her preparation that made her the big winner that she is!

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As the first Idol Philippines, Zephanie is a true inspiration for today’s generation. And we can’t wait to see more ganado performances from her as she soars to greater heights, now that she’s officially our country’s newest singing superstar!