Here’s Why We Stan James Reid So Hard--Good Looks Aside

James Reid is taken (sorry, super fans!). But that doesn’t mean we can’t admire the Kapamilya heartthrob. He has come a long way in his showbiz career: From being the shy Fil-Aussie teenager who stole our hearts in ‘Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash 2010’. Then, portraying the cutie hubby Clark in the hit teleserye ‘On the Wings of Love’. Up to being the judge/mentor of future hitmakers in ‘Idol Philippines’. SWOON!

There’s no stopping James from achieving new feats. But now, he’s ready to discover who he can be outside the ‘matinee idol’ and ‘crush ng bayan’ stereotype. Call it defying the rules. But we see it as a daring move to be someone who he is supposed to be: a real artist.

James, the photographer. Scroll through his Instagram feed and you’ll know that this guy has an eye for photography. His ‘artsy’ side is fueled by his travels, his music heroes, and his real-life partner. And we’re downright hoping for James to release his very own photo book. Hopefully, soon



What a trip 🌠

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James, the songwriter. This man has been sweeping us off our feet each time he sings. But knowing that James writes his music, too? Well, that is ~hands down~ amazing. Guess artists never really run out of creativity, do they? 

James, the music producer. Yep, the singer-songwriter is a music producer, too. His label, ‘Careless Music Manila’, has been making waves in the local music scene—and has been signing up talents that offer a variety of flavors to the group. The whole vibe of their latest mixtape is different from the James circa ‘Reid Alert’ days--which is okay. He’s taking a break from mainstream pop and has been expressing his individuality in the kind of music he’s currently into—and we’re digging (and supporting!) his new venture.


DOPE 🛸 Thank you @theasialeague! It’s been wild 🙌🏼 Photos and Styling by @zonlee 🔥

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James, the style icon. Classic tux? Action star-approved leather jacket? It’s a ‘no’ for James Reid. The 26-year-old stunner is more into street style and edgy suits—like his head-turning Michael Cinco outfit for last year’s ‘The Ball’. This young gent sure knows how to make a fashion statement. Add that to his killer smile, fresh-looking hair, and undeniably good looks—and voila, heart emojis everywhere!

James Reid is not just a celebrity. He’s an artist—a multi-hyphenate artist, at that. Why stick to a stereotype when you can go beyond what’s expected, explore opportunities, and create your own brand? Be it as an artist, a photographer, a singer, or a music producer—James got what it takes to challenge the norm. And he’s doing a mighty fine job in doing so.

This is how you #DareToGetFresher image as an artist. And this is why we dare to forever stan James Reid.

Just like James Reid,

Dare to refuse the usual.

Dare to set new rules.

#DareToGetFresher with CLEAR.