SPOTTED: Is Piolo Pascual seeing someone new?

If you stan Piolo Pascual as much as we do, then you never miss any of his posts on social media. So you’ve probably seen Papa P’s latest Instagram post, which started a frenzy among fans.


Can’t wait for 🔥❤️

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In his IG post dated July 25, the always-dapper Piolo can be seen sitting at a table in a resto, apparently waiting for someone. His caption? Only the heart and fire/hot emoji. What does this mean, exactly? Is he waiting for his “hot” new date? Papa P, we deserve an explanation! We deserve an acceptable reason!

Piolo Pascual’s fans were understandably shookt.

SPOTTED Is Piolo Pascual seeing someone new  1

Is this the start of something new for our beloved PJ? Is Piolo back in the dating game? More importantly...WHO IS PIOLO WAITING FOR? Your guess is as good as ours--here’s hoping he posts more about this ~mysterious~ hot date!