Enrique Gil deemed as a fantasy Legolas in fun Lord of the Rings poll

Enrique Gil deemed as a fantasy Legolas in fun Lord of the Rings poll 1


With his eye-catching handsomeness and unbelievable agility and combatting skills, Legolas Greenleaf indeed swooned the spectators of the epic tale The Lord of the Rings.


Portrayed by prominent Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom, the Sindarin Elf was one of the most remarkable creatures in the Middle Earth for being one of the members of The Fellowship of the Ring in the Third Age.


As we relived one of most spectacular fictional narrative through the network's airing of the trilogy last Holy Week, viewers could have imagined a similarly enthralling local actor who could also become the Legolas of their dreams.


Thus, we came up with a fun survey on ABS-CBN’s Official Facebook page (link to facebook.abs-cbnnetwork) asking netizens who among such Kapamilya young leading men Daniel Padilla, Enrique Gil, and James Reid could capture their imagination as a fitting son of Thranduil.


For the majority of commenters, the Bagani leading man's princely looks and superb thespic performances of late would make Enrique their favorite bet as their fantasy deadshot Elf archer.


Meanwhile, others pointed out that Daniel and James could make it as their dream Elvish Princeling as well, considering their haughty stances and impressive stints in their respective movies and teleseryes.