This Is The Best Way to Nail That ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look

The secret is in the base.


It’s quite difficult to pinpoint how and when it started exactly, but there’s no denying that the most coveted beauty look today is the ‘no makeup’ makeup look. For all the fun eyeshadows, punchy-hued lipsticks, and innovative foundation formulas out there, most women still prefer freshness that doesn’t look like they’re wearing makeup. The thing with this is, many tutorials show that it can be tedious to achieve the ‘no makeup’ look.

When you want to save on time and be kinder to your skin, having to follow a plethora of instructions just isn’t practical. Fortunately, there are legit easy ways that make achieving the ‘no makeup’ makeup look effortless—as it should be. And you’re going to learn them right now...

The Best Base. ‘Best’ is a relative term, but if there’s one product we can totally stand by that will brighten, smoothen, and give you even-toned skin—the best base for the ‘no makeup’ look—it’s the Pond’s White Beauty Skin Perfector. Enriched with Vitamin B3, it’s the only product you need to give your complexion that effortlessly radiant glow. Forget piling on layers of lightweight skin-enhancing products, this one will nourish your skin as it brings out its most blooming state for the world to see. You can even make the application a pampering ritual: Apply cream on your face as you would your moisturizer, massaging your facial muscles in the process.


Bright Brows. No, we’re not telling you to go crazy on the brow color. What we want to emphasize is how well-groomed brows really do not only help brighten up your eyes, but your entire face as well. Rule of thumb: Pick out a shade that matches your hair color—you can go half a shade, at most a shade, lighter, if you want a more youthful look, and half a shade to a shade darker, if you want to be on the moodier, more intense side. Nothing too light or too dark, please, or it will look costume-y. Have a brow mascara or brow brush handy to keep stray strands in place.

(No) Blurred Lines. The ‘no makeup’ look is minimalist, so better to keep your eyeliner fine and streamlined—nothing grungy, so draw smooth, thin strokes closest to your lash line. Tightline (line underneath eyelid and on the waterline) if you want added drama without going overboard.

Real and Rosy. Cheek tints and creams are best for achieving a natural flush, but if you’re most comfortable with powder blush, here’s a trick to perfect that organically rosy look: Make sure to start off with a little amount of product then pat lightly on your cheeks with concentration on the apples since that’s where you naturally turn red. Blend, blend, blend. And since Pond’s White Beauty Skin Perfector already supplies a brightening base, the blush will glide on smoothly and will beautifully enhance the glow you already have from your base.

Lip Decisions. Opt for a lipstick shade that’s closest to your skintone but is on the rosier side to get that my-lips-but-better look. Nude lippies are huge now, but going crazy over chocolate brown ones when you’re on the mestiza side will contradict your other ‘no makeup’ look efforts. Always stay true to your complexion, and gravitate towards hues that will enhance it.

Ultimately, your goal is to bring out the most beautiful you—not to look like someone else—and all you need are trusty products that work doubly hard to help you achieve that. After all, the ‘no makeup’ makeup look is all about minimizing the products you put on your face to let your innate beauty shine.