5 Winning TV and Film Moments That Deserve Everyone’s Attention

5 Winning TV and Film Moments That Deserve Everyone s Attention 1
Grand declarations of love, big proposal gimmicks, fancy weddings-- we have seen it all happen to “conventional” fictional couples. But since we believe that not-so-conventional relationships deserve no less, it’s about time we start celebrating them, too! 

Read on to see 5 touching moments on screen that have defied the norms (and that deserve a second watch!).

When Ali introduced his boyfriend to “Sir Dad,”  his strict, former military father (Till I Met You, 2016)

We don’t see much coming out stories on mainstream TV and film. But thanks to Till I Met You’s Ali, the audience witnessed a heartwarming one!

As expected, Sir Dad did not take it lightly. But after hearing Ali talk about his love for his boyfriend Stephen, Sir Dad eventually came around and embraced the truth about his son. And he did it in a not-so-subtle way: he liked a photo of Ali and Stephen. Love wins, indeed!

When TonDeng tied the knot (A Love to Last, 2017)

It was a long, winding journey; but TonDeng’s story just proves that love can conquer it all.

Before ending up at the altar, the pair faced a number of challenges-- one being the difference in their ages. It surely raised a lot of eyebrows at first, but this did not stop Andeng and Anton from showing that age is merely a number. For them, what truly matters is the love they have for each other!

When Noel finally said it (In My Life, 2009)

When Noel said: “Anak mo lang siya, hindi mo siya pag-aari! At hindi lang ikaw ang may karapatang magmahal sa kanya,” we felt that. You have probably heard of this line already-- but if you haven’t, here’s a snippet!

The intense confrontation scene between Noel and his partner’s mom Shirley towards the end of the film taught us one very important lesson: we are #FreeToLove whoever we want!

When Maya and Sir Chief officially became a couple (Be Careful With My Heart, 2012)

In the midst of her ‘kilig’ confession to Sir Chief, Maya may have mentioned how they were in a “difficult situation.” Without a clear explanation as to what she was referring to, many would’ve guessed that she was talking about their *very* different status in life. Who wouldn’t? After all, he was her former boss! Well, that and the fact that they’re also years apart. 

Nonetheless, they still took the plunge and trusted the love they have for each other (and look where it brought them!).

When Max and Christian took in Max’s ex, Andi (The Third Party, 2016)

Another film that bravely took on an uncommon theme is Star Cinema’s ‘The Third Party’. In one particular scene, we saw how Max agreed to help his ex-girlfriend Andi by taking her in. The catch? Well, Max lives with his partner Christian-- so basically, the three of them had to live together. Crazy, right?

But despite their off-beat setup, we saw how the characters put their differences (plus some issues) aside to create a home and lifestyle that worked for all of them. 

Through the years, we have become more and more comfortable with conversations that revolve around unconventional relationships; but we still have a long way to go. These winning TV and film moments are just some attempts to break stereotypes and prove the real power of love-- it defies boundaries. 

So, as we continue our journey towards complete acceptance, let’s all watch the “Lost Loves” film below as it features real couples from around the world, who share brave and true stories of their love in the face of doubt and judgement.

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