21 TV Moments of the Royal Princess of Drama

11) Growing Up (2011)
The teen drama anthology series followed the story of Tammy (Julia) and Ella (Kathryn Bernardo). It premiered on a high note and beat its rival youth program.

12) Walang Hanggan (2012)
Loosely based on the 1991 Gomez-Zulueta film, Walang Hanggan was lauded for its record-breaking 45.4% nationwide audience share during the finale. Julia played the role of Katerina Alcantara-Montenegro/Guidotti, the third generation in a family conflict that started between Virgina (Susan Roces) and Margaret (Helen Gamboa).

13) Muling Buksan Ang Puso (2013)
In a story about the beauty and dark side of love, Julia portrayed the role of Sarah Beltran-Dela Vega. She was casted alongside Enrique Gil and Enchong Dee.

14) Maalaala Mo Kaya: Krus (2013)
Julia was Diana, the prostitute who was questioned if someone like her can actually love and be loved.

15) 18th Birthday at ASAP (2013)
Julia's 18th birthday was celebrated in an episode of the noontime variety show AsAP. In true debutante fashion, she danced with her "18 roses" who were mostly her co-stars and co-actors in the business. ASAP's singers also serenaded the young lady.

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