Kim and Kit play by millennial dating rules in iWant’s MOMOL Nights
Kim and Kit play by millennial dating rules in iWant s MOMOL Nights 1

Can true love blossom between two lonely people in the age of ghosting, dating apps, reading too much into texts, and no-strings-attached “situationships”?

iWant dives into the murky waters of modern dating and its all-too-common stories of disappointment and complicated rules in the new original movie “MOMOL Nights,” which starts streaming on Saturday (June 29).

In this relatable and sexy romantic comedy, Kim Molina and Kit Thompson play people who are in need of connection and intimacy.

Straight from a break-up and not ready for commitment, Peng (Kim) starts to MOMOL (“make out make out lang”) around, encouraged by her friends who are into meet-ups and hook-ups.

Guided by a set of MOMOL rules, Peng psyches and primes herself to be ready for exciting escapades. They turn out be both an adventure and a letdown, even if her first encounter is an epic fail.

Until one night, she meets Marco (Kit), an artist who turns her regular MOMOL nights into extended one-night stands.

It’s all casual and light-hearted, until one of them breaks the cardinal rule of MOMOL: don’t get emotionally invested and involved.

Will they MOMOL forever or MOMOL their way to forever?

Kim is also seen in ABS-CBN teleseryes “Kadenang Ginto” and “The General’s Daughter,” while Kit Thompson currently stars in the primetime crime-drama “Sino Ang Maysala?: Mea Culpa.”

Produced by Dreamscape Digital and Lonewolf Films, “MOMOL Nights” is directed by Benedict Mique, the writer and director of the critically acclaimed movie “ML.” The digital movie is also written by Mique and Carlo Ventura.

The iWant original movie also stars Kate Alejandrino, Emmanuelle Vera, Prince Stefan, and
Benj Manalo.

Aside from the Kim-Kit starrer, a book based on the original screenplay of “MOMOL Nights” will also be released by ABS-CBN Books. It will be sold for P195 at ABS-CBN Books, Facebook Store, Lazada, Shopee, and leading newsstands and bookstores very soon.

Stream “MOMOL Nights” starting Saturday (June 29) on the iWant app (iOs and Android) or on