iWant TV’s Youtopia: Ryan’s barkada mysteriously returns

Three of Ryan Magno (Axel Torres)’s friends—Nica, Alex, and Charlie—mysteriously disappear in the first episode. The only clue left from their sudden disappearance is a sighting of a strange woman lurking in the darkness on the night their friends were last seen.

Six months later, Ryan, Benj, Viv, and Crystal are still coping with their loss and have mostly given up hope of ever finding the three ever again. It takes a toll on their friendship, and we see a glimpse of Benj attempting to make a move on Viv, his ex Nica’s younger sister.

iWant TV s Youtopia Ryan s barkada mysteriously returns 1

Ryan finally reveals to his friends that he has been researching their kabarkadas’ disappearance, and his theory is that they were taken by vampires. His friends don’t believe him and think he’s crazy, until suddenly, he spots the same mysterious woman he saw in the video from the night his friends were taken. He alerts his friends, who still think he’s totally crazy, and suddenly, their missing friends turn up.

iWant TV s Youtopia Ryan s barkada mysteriously returns 2

Will they finally get the answers they’re looking for? Will their lives go back to normal? Or will their friends be traumatized and changed by their experience? Find out on this week’s episode of “Youtopia,” exclusively on iWant TV.

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Watch a preview of the next episode here: https://www.facebook.com/YoutopiaPH/videos/148329775781461/?hc_ref=ARRQXL4qvUrCDwIJkhG_g_2HbPS74x8tFZ6VCOFonvIFHQexjwSYLU5tRYQeSOhwUos