Sis, How Much? Here Are 6 Real-Life Online Shopping Inquiries That Will Make You LOL

Being an online shopper is surely fun and convenient. Whether you’re looking for gadgets or groceries, clothes or cars, it’s literally all there!

But shoppers are only one half of the equation. After all, shopping online needs sellers—budding businesspersons and aspiring entrepreneurs. And these online sellers just happen to see a side of online shopping that shoppers almost never see. In their daily interaction with customers, they get a couple of funny or sabaw conversations.

Below, we’ve shortlisted funny online exchanges that will definitely crack you up.

1. When some buyers don’t understand the concept of “last price”.

“Anu na??”

2. From customer feedback to unsolicited “business advice” real quick.

That escalated quickly!


3. When you already posted the price but some people still keep asking.

“170 po ba yan?”


4.  PM sent….or not?

Who’s telling the truth?

5. Ah, the never-ending cycle.

Basa basa rin pag may time, mga cyst!

6. And finally, look at this online seller’s intense store policy.

“One shoe per give.”

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