LOOK: 97-Year-Old Style Icon Iris Apfel Is The New Face of Magnum
LOOK 97 Year Old Style Icon Iris Apfel Is The New Face of Magnum 1

After Kendal Jenner, Cara Delevingne, and Bella Hadid, 97-year-old fashion icon Iris Apfel is the star of Magnum’s #TrueToPleasure campaign.

Considering the businesswoman-turned-model’s astounding (legendary, actually) accomplishments, it came as no surprise that the brand chose her to be their newest ambassador. 



Apfel launched an international fabric manufacturing company, decorated the White House for nine successive US presidents, became the first woman to wear jeans, became a muse at the age of 84 in one of the exhibits at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and developed a limited edition make-up collection for MAC. Oh, and did we mention she’s a certified IMG model, too? And that she is the oldest person to have a Barbie made in her image?

Without doubt, Iris Apfel is the living proof of the brand’s #TrueToPleasure belief. Because she constantly is. It’s only fitting for her to be part of the fashion industry big players who already fronted Magnum’s previous campaigns. And yes, we’re kind of looking forward to see her hanging out with the likes of Bella Hadid or Alexander Wang at a party. 

LOOK 97 Year Old Style Icon Iris Apfel Is The New Face of Magnum 2

In 2018, Harper Collins released ‘Iris Apfel: Accidental Icon’: a biography of her life. That same year, Mattel created the Apfel Barbie doll--thus, making her the oldest person to have a Barbie made in her image

Apfel recently starred in award winning director, Martin Werner’s, two short films for Magnum. The first one perfectly summed up Apfel’s fascinating life. The second allowed her to inspire the new generation to stay authentic and boldly embrace their true pleasures. 


“I really wanted this campaign to capture the true essence of Iris and what makes her such a captivating and inspiring icon. The films show how, even at 97, she pursues what brings her pleasure in life–her wicked sense of humor and her bright colorful outlook made it a joy to create,” said Wenner in an interview.


The next time you think you’re ‘too old’ for anything, just imagine Iris Apfel at 97 who is still busy doing what she loves: Travelling. Creating art. Taking risks. Breaking down old age stereotypes. Staying true to her pleasure. And eating Magnum ice cream like a boss.

“I have done many things in my life and throughout, I have always tried to live without fear of judgment. Otherwise, you miss out on all the fun! I was thrilled to collaborate with Magnum to bring this attitude to life and I hope we inspire you to do the same. Feel empowered to be a little more lighthearted and playful. I know I will continue to do so,” said Apfel during one of the shoots. Guess we’ll see more campaigns like this from her, huh?


Age is just a number indeed.

Photo credits to Iris Apfel’s Instagram account