Six Telltale Signs That You’re A Certified Binge-Watcher

Sorry, I can’t come to the phone right now—‘cause I’m binge-watching!


If that’s your go-to excuse for not going out with your barkada, then you’re most probably a binge-watcher. But with all the great shows we have right now—be it your much-loved Kapamilya shows, kilig K-Dramas, or hit international series like Game of Thrones—who can blame you for always choosing to catch up with your faves?

Don’t feel different because of your habit. Instead, be proud you’re a certified binge-watcher! Let’s celebrate the many things that make you one—and discuss the things you need to level up your viewing experience!

When you anticipate long weekends because it’s the best time to binge-watch—not because it’s the best time to book a flight. While your friends are busy planning their trip to wherever, you’re busy planning the lineup of the shows you’ll watch. Your most wanted shows take you to places you’ve never been—and that will always be the best kind of adventure for you. Besides, it’s definitely less expensive!

When you’ve mastered the art of staying up late and enduring a day with just one or two hours of sleep. That ‘last episode na talaga tapos matutulog na ako’ takes forever to happen. And despite your sleepless state, you still feel badass for finishing the series in just one day. Congrats!

When you stay away from social media to avoid spoilers. And immediately unfriend (or just unfollow) that person who ruined the fun and excitement. You’ve been waiting to watch the new episode for so long—spoiling it is seriously brutal, you know. Sighs.

When you hate waiting for a show’s new season. Unfortunately, you have no choice. So it’s either you re-watch the last season, read countless theories about its cliffhanger ending, or just find a new show to watch to lessen the agony.

When you turn into an emotional wreck because of a show’s plot twist. Unpredictable story lines are good. But as much as you like surprises, you want happy endings for your favorite characters, too! And when the show kills your beloved character or tears your OTP apart—YOU. JUST. CAN’T. TAKE. IT.


Still, you love these shows all the same. And continuously wish for that one thing that will make your watching experience even better.

When you’re dreaming of a television perfect for binge-watching. Vivid colors and high-quality resolution are good, but you need better than that. You need a television who’ll act as your best friend: Something that understands your viewing habits, update you about the latest happenings on your much-loved series, and suggest shows that could be your new favorites—with just a simple voice command. Like LG AI OLED TV, the Best TV Product Award of Consumer Electronics Shows (CES) 2018.


Six Telltale Signs That You re A Certified Binge Watcher 1

LG Electronics (LG) was honored with more than 90 awards at CES® 2018. The LG SIGNATURE AI OLED TV W8 featuring ThinQ won more than 10 awards at CES. It’s one of the first TVs with built in Google Assistant—and with all the recognition it received, you’re definitely in good hands with this smart TV!

Six Telltale Signs That You re A Certified Binge Watcher 2

Think a small monitor isn’t enough when you binge-watch? No worries! LG 34-inch 5K UltraWide Monitor got that covered!


LG 34-inch 5K UltraWide Monitor: MacRumors: CES 2018 – Best of CES Unveiled / SlashGear: Best of CES / The Verge: Awards at CES

But of course, as a certified binge-watcher, going extra on your next date with your fave show is a must! Go for a theater-like experience and use LG 4K UHD Projector instead. The bigger the better, right?

LG 4K UHD Projector: 9 to 5 Toys: Best of CES / Consumer Technology Association: 2018 CES Innovation Awards – Best of Innovation / TWICE: Top Picks Awards

Want superb snacks to munch on while watching? That’s easy! Buy all the food you want and store them in LG InstaView ThinQ Refrigerator to keep them safe and in good condition until your binge-watch day!

LG InstaView ThinQ Refrigerator: BGR: Best of CES / Consumer Technology Association 2018 CES Innovation Awards: Home Appliance / Gadgetmatch: Best of CES / Gear Diary: Best of CES / CES Editors’ Choice Awards / TWICE: Picks Awards

Always on-the-go? LG V30 is all you need to keep on watching your faves—wherever, whenever! It has OLED display technology to give you a handy cinematic experience!

LG V30 Smartphone: Consumer Technology Association 2018 CES Innovation Awards: Wireless Handsets and Accessories / Videomaker: Best Smartphone of CES

Everyone has his or her own crazy-fun habit. Embrace yours whole heartedly—and binge-watch all you can if it makes you happy!


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