LOOK: Best Kathryn Bernardo Movie Character Hairstyles!

This is Kathryn Bernardo.

You’ve probably heard (a lot) about her. Right?

Queen of Hearts. Blockbuster Royalty. Fitness Inspo. And one of our all-time favorite girl crushes--especially when it comes to her impeccable style and cop-worthy beauty looks. 

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Lately, we’ve been obsessing over Kath’s hairstyles, too--particularly the ones she donned for her hit movies. Because, come on! Who wouldn’t love her iconic looks--not to mention her smooth and haba-mazing locks? We tried doing messy buns, sleek straight hair, and va-va-voom waves. But no one pulls it off the way Kathryn Bernardo does. Just check these out!


The silky straight Kathy locks. Kathryn may be exploring different hairstyles right now, but her signature silky straight mane will always be in our hearts. She wore this look during her early movies like ‘Sisterakas’. And her long, black hair definitely highlighted her natural morena beauty.

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Kathy, Sisterakas (2012)

The crazy beautiful Jackie curls. How to look tough but lovable at the same time? Ask Jackie of ‘Crazy Beautiful You’! This girl knows how to give off that sexy yet badass vibe, thanks to her va-va-voom curls! No wonder why Kiko fell head over heels in love with Kathryn’s character!

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Jackie, Crazy Beautiful You (2015)

The gorgeous Mia waves. I don’t know about you, but we’re still not over her emotional “mahalin mo ako dahil mahal mo ako because that is what I deserve” line. But seriously, Ely? How can you not love Mia? She’s strong. She’s compassionate. She’s determined. She’s stunning. And she’s got that oh-so-fine beach waves we’d love to cop!

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Mia, Barcelona: A Love Untold (2016)

The classy Gab ponytail. Can’t help falling in love with Kathryn’s movie character--and with her classy, slicked-back ponytail, too. She looks ultra feminine and sophisticated in this movie. And we’d totally try this look to steal our crush’s (or our future husband’s!) heart. Just like what she did to Dos. 

LOOK Best Kathryn Bernardo Movie Character Hairstyles  5

Gab, Can’t Help Falling In Love (2017)

The George messy bun. The hows...to be you po, Kath? Aside from shattering numerous box office records and getting us completely floored with her acting prowess, she also served different OOTD-worthy beauty looks. Our fave of them all? Her effortlessly beautiful messy bun. This lady slays--even without glamming up. And we stan her for that.

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George, The Hows of Us (2018)

Thinking of styling your hair like these movie characters? Same!

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Just cop Kath’s #HABAmazing hair so you could recreate any style you want! Pro tip: This girl’s an avid fan of Sunsilk Strong and Long Shampoo. It has biotin and aloe vera extracts to keep your long locks smooth, manageable, and damage-free--no matter how many hairstyles you try!