The definition of sexy: Wil Dasovich, Vince Vandorpe, Alexander Diaz, and Donny Pangilinan weigh in

Ask Wil Dasovich, Vince Vandorpe, Alexander Diaz, and Donny Pangilinan for the definition of sexy, and they’ll tell you the same thing: sexy is being confident.

“Whoever you are is your own kind of sexy,” says Donny. “Be confident with who you are and don’t be afraid to show your own individuality.” For most people, though, it takes a while to be comfortable with yourself. People tend to look to others and compare themselves, often finding themselves lacking.

Donny Pangilinan, in comfy active wear, spritzes on Axe Dark Temptation

And that mindset is exactly what needs to change. “The key is to stay true to who you are, unapologetically,” states Alex. There is no singular mold to fit into, he says. People are complex and different, and those differences need to be embraced. “Being a man doesn’t just mean being macho. It’s about being a father to your kids, a friend to your peers. If you’re gay, it’s about being proud of it. It’s really about being who you are and celebrating it.”

Alexander Diaz is hip and suave as he sprays on Axe Gold

“As an actor, it can take several takes before you get the right shot. And that’s fine,” shares Vince. “Confidence doesn’t just happen overnight.” The truth is, even the most put-together guy needs a bit of a boost.

Preppy Vince Vandorpe is a treat for the senses, thanks to a splash of Axe You

“If you just do what everyone else is doing, then I think you’re doing it wrong,” says Wil. “Confidence is about facing your fears. Go out and explore. Step out of your comfort zone and try out new things. That’s the only way you can find out more about yourself and who you really are.”

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Just last February 28, Axe hosted a unique party to launch the Axe Recommends platform at Belle & Dragon in Makati. QR codes peppered the place, and a quick snapshot gave exclusive deals and tips.

Guests could get a stylish ‘do at the barbershop booth, have themselves measured for a custom-fit suit, or express themselves by getting a unique tatt.

Wil Dasovich is first in line for that clean cut at the barbershop

Donny Pangilinan can easily switch it up with a custom suit by Suit It Up


Make it personal with a unique tatt from the tattoo nook

They could order their favorite drinks, or choose from five signature mixes. They could enjoy the hip beats at Belle & Dragon, or opt to go through the wardrobe to Mandalay for a silent disco. Before entering the speakeasy, guests were given a headset that gave them control not only over the volume of the music, but also the kind of music they wanted to dance to. With a simple flip of the switch, they could listen to a set by DJ – or the tunes of DJ --. The night was all about the power of choice, and every corner of the venue empowered everyone to choose their own adventure.

Alexander Diaz opens the silent party at Mandalay.

Vince Vandorpe checking out the beats at Mandalay

Gentlemen, choose your poison

Hip beats hype up the crowd

Your party, your music

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