Globe at Home puts digital twist on haunted houses

Imagine a modern haunted house with scares that are digitally powered by sensors and remotely controlled lights and electronics. This is what Globe at Home offered the Ayala Alabang Village community for their Halloween celebrations!


From the outside, the venue looked like an actual haunted house complete with a creepy scarecrow standing guard by the gate. Once inside, the spook factor only went up a notch. Eerie background music was playing, antique photos and decorations were on display, and the scent of dama de noche filled the room. All of this was enough to give anyone the heebie jeebbies, but what truly made this Halloween Mansion haunted were the Globe Connected Home devices!

As technology becomes more and more intelligent, controlling our house is now as easy as opening an app on our phones and tapping away. And for this year’s spooky season, Globe at Home proved that with a connected home not only would you feel safe and secure but also be able to entertain guests.

With the Globe Connected Home WiFi Hub, they were able to eliminate all the wi-fi dead spots and easily control all the action inside the Halloween Mansion. The Globe Connected Home Outlet lets you turn on or off any lights, electronics and appliances via an app. For the horror walk-through, they remotely controlled the lights and fog machines. Meanwhile, the other scares were automatically triggered by the Globe Connected Home Multipurpose Sensor which receive alerts when doors and windows are opened/closed. They also detect vibration and read temperatures.

“Halloween has always been a special time for today’s families—an avenue through which all kids and kids at heart in the home can show off their creativity and strengthen their bond with one another. This year, we decided to give Halloween a unique twist with the help of fast and reliable connectivity,” Martha Sazon, SVP and Head of Broadband Business at Globe, stated in their press release. “This year, we decided to give Halloween a unique twist… to show how Internet at home transforms the household to not only as a hub for entertainment, but also as a center of security, convenience and growth for everyone in the family.”

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