WATCH: Matteo Guidicelli on His Family: ‘We’re Lifetime Partners’

We’ve seen Matteo Guidicelli as a hunky (totes crush-worthy!) race driver. The next thing we know, he’s a boy-next-door actor that has us swooning over his boyish charm and heart-melting smile. He has ventured in the music scene, too—and gave us major LSS with his pop songs! *NOW PLAYING: Ipapadama Na Lang*


Meet Petunia. ➡️

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The 29-year-old Filipino-Italian heartthrob has taken on different roles, be it onscreen or off, but Matteo is rarely vocal about his personal life. As such, seeing him gush over his family in a video produced by Sun Life Philippines was a sight to behold—especially when he’s talking about his idol: his Nonno or Grandpa.


From the Guidicelli’s, “HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!” #2019 #family

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Watch Matteo open up like never before and see how he is as a grandson, a son, and a brother to his ‘lifetime partners’—the people who are always behind him, no matter what role he plays or what path he takes.

‘Take care of the people, take care of the family.’ Matteo takes his Nonno’s last words seriously. Despite how busy his career gets, the Sun Life ambassador always finds time to spend with his loved ones: to bond with them, to support them, and to be just there for them—for better or for worse. Even if it’s just a mealtime gathering where they could laugh about anything and everything, or simply getting together to commemorate the life of their Nonno.


“You stay together, you help each other, you guide each other. When the time comes, this is what I like for my own family. Because whatever happens, no matter what, we’ll always be here for each other. We’re lifetime partners,” says the Kapamilya actor.

Matteo may be mum about his plans on building his own family, but it looks like he already has a bright life planned for them, thanks to his Nonno’s teachings and his other lifetime partner that has been by his side no matter the twists and turns of his life: Sun Life Philippines.

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