The #GlobeKPOP experience brought to you by Globe at Home Prepaid: Five reasons why we likey likey likey #TWICELIGHTSinMANILA so much!

It may have taken TWICE three years before finally coming to the Philippines, but PH ONCE would surely agree that it was definitely worth the wait - especially with Globe at Home Prepaid,, giving fans a one-of-a-kind K-Pop concert experience with K-mmunity PH Studio and the first-ever edition of The Ultimate Stan Search. 


TU WA I SEU! We're ready to #StanUpTogether for you, #TWICELIGHTSinManila! ✨ #GlobeKPOP #StanUpTogether

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Now, let’s talk about why we likey likey likey #GlobeKPOP: TWICE Edition so much!

If you’ve been a PH ONCE all your life, then you most probably know that it took years of hard work for the girls of TWICE to get to where they are right now. So honestly, fans witnessing how the girls conquered the #TWICELIGHTSinMANILA stage with show-stopping performances from start to finish made it one for the books!

Fans could very well agree on how amazing it was to hear the girls’ vocals! That’s right: fans heard Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu perform 100% LIVE during their first-ever Manila show. 

Also, can we talk about those costume changes and stunning visuals? PURE PERFECTION. 


No such thing as too much aegyo from our kyeopta girls! 💙 #GlobeKPOP #StanUpTogether #TWICELIGHTSinMNL

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With the girls acknowledging throughout the entire show how amazed they are about how passionate their Pinoy fans are when it comes to their music, PH ONCE felt how much the girls appreciated the love they have unconditionally given to them. 

Not only that. The girls also came fully prepared as they made an emotional audiovisual presentation expressing their sincerest gratitude for patiently waiting for them. And yes, the girls promised in Tagalog their inevitable return to the Philippines! 

Magkikita tayo ulit.” - Sana

Salamat sa pagpunta niyo" - Mina

Ingat.“ - Jihyo

Mahal ko kayo!“ - Dahyun

ONCE, the best kayo!" - Jongyeon

"Babalik kami.” - Nayeon

"Masaya kami ngayong gabi!" - Chaeyoung

"Masaya ako makita kayo mga ONCE. Salamat po.” - Momo

"Mamimiss ko kayo" - Tzuyu

That’s right. The girls know their Tagalog! Nope, not just the basics - but actual Tagalog phrases! Of course, the girls struggled to pronounce the words a bit. But hey, fans felt how honestly pure those words are coming from them. 

TWICE and JYP Entertainment tested the knowledge of PH ONCE by preparing a series of fan tests inspired by some of the girls’ hits including “Yes or Yes,” “Heart Shaker,” and “Dance the Night Away,” among others.

During the fan test, lucky fans caught on cam were tasked to complete specific missions before the girls came out for their encore performances. While it was admittedly a bit challenging for them, fans definitely enjoyed every bit of it!

Globe knows how important #TWICELIGHTSinMANILA is for PH ONCEs. So when the opportunity to give the ultimate stans (or the most devoted fans in K-Pop slang) the best possible concert experience, Globe came up with The Search for the Ultimate Stan. 

TWICE fans who posted videos of themselves doing the “What Is Love?” fan chant got to try their luck on snagging VIP tickets to the concert, a meet & greet and photo op with TWICE, premium merchandise, goodies from Globe, and an exclusive tour to the K-mmunity PH Studio! And yes, one lucky group and 8 lucky individuals were chosen to experience it all! I mean, what else can a fan ask for? 

Globe at Home Prepaid also gave out a special A Home New Level award  to two lucky winners who won the best fan chant at home. On top of early access to the concert venue and the K-mmunity Studio tour, these winners scored 1 VIP seated concert ticket, meet & greet with photo opportunity, and exclusive merch from K-mmunity and Happee Hour.  Fans who purchased units of Home Prepaid WiFi and Streamwatch Xtreme Prepaid scored exclusive merch. 

Of course, let's not forget how Globe leveled up Pinoy fans' K-Pop concert experience by bringing to the table the K-mmunity PH Studio where booths inspired by TWICE’s music videos were set up for fans to have a fully immersive experience. And yes, talk about those IG-worthy designs!

Some of these include the Idol Studio where fans got to strike the best pose while taking a snap with the girls; the Dance Studio where fans got to bust some moves after guessing the right dance steps; the Chant Studio, powered by Globe At Home Streamwatch Xtreme Prepaid, a all-in-one home entertainment device that is videoke-ready, where fans get to spin a special roulette before taking on a fan chant challenge; and of course, the Recording Studio where fans get to design Candy Bong Zs and slogans of their own. 


The GlobeKPOP experience brought to you by Globe at Home Prepaid Five reasons why we likey likey likey TWICELIGHTSinMANILA so much  1


The GlobeKPOP experience brought to you by Globe at Home Prepaid Five reasons why we likey likey likey TWICELIGHTSinMANILA so much  2


The GlobeKPOP experience brought to you by Globe at Home Prepaid Five reasons why we likey likey likey TWICELIGHTSinMANILA so much  3

An exclusive fan group of Globe for lovers of K-Pop, K-Drama, and everything K-Culture, K-mmunity PH now has over 13,000 members on Facebook.

And get this, members of the said group get to know the latest updates on exclusive events, promos, and first-dibs on tickets to concerts presented by Globe and Happee Hour. Just wait for upcoming promos for Globe At Home Prepaid Home WiFi and Streamwatch Xtreme Prepaid to score dibs on ticket discounts and exclusive merch!

With all the awesome things that happened during #TWICELIGHTSInManila, the question now is: Are you ready to #StanUpTogether at the next #GlobeKPOP concert?

Get ready to #StanUpTogether and create a home new level with Globe At Home Prepaid!