Kween Regine Moments That We Love on Idol Philippines!
Kween Regine Moments That We Love on Idol Philippines  1

When we heard that the one and only Asia’s Songbird, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid, was going to be one of the judges on Idol Philippines—we could not help but rejoice! Not only because of her vocal prowess and inspiring musical journey, but also because we get to see so many sides of her in every episode. Below, we list down our favorite Judge Regine moments to show you what we are talking about!  

When she gave a contestant one of her sketches she did on set.

We all know that Regine is one heck of a powerhouse singer, but it’s really surprising to know that she also has a knack for the arts. Yaaas! We stan a multi-talented kween! And so, we couldn’t help but be jealous when she gave one of her gorgeous sketches to an Idol hopeful during the auditions. That piece of art deserves to be framed and displayed in a gallery--just saying!

When she gamely joined the other judges in an impromptu skit.

Who wouldn’t love a queen who knows how to have fun? We truly enjoy seeing Judge Regine’s goofy side on the show--especially that time when she and her co-judges, Vice, Moira, and James had to improvise a drama scene for an Idol hopeful--which ended up with the special appearance of hip-hop Mama Reg!

When she gives advice to auditionees. 

There’s no denying it—Judge Regine is a certified OPM icon. It’s no wonder that many aspiring singers today look up to her as their idol. It’s always inspiring to see her share her knowledge and experience to the auditionees. These Idol hopefuls are so lucky because they get to learn from the KWEEN herself!

Almost every time she laughs.

Watching episodes of Idol Philippines made us realize we not only love Kween Regine’s singing voice, but we also truly adore her laugh. It just gives us instant good vibes. It’s so contagious that you’ll just find yourself laughing along. She’s such a good singer, even her laugh is music to the ears. Yes, she’s that awesome!

It’s a fact! Having Kween Regine on Idol Philippines is beyond amazing—and we’re loving the amazing energy she brings to the table. But aside from being a ganadong judge, there’s another reason why we adore her that much—she’s also a ganadong mom to her son Nate! Even with her busy schedule, she still makes it her top priority to ensure that Nate is showered with lots and lots of TLC. And to help her with that, Regine trusts Propan TLC to give Nate the right amount of essential vitamins and nutrients for optimum body growth and development. With Propan TLC’s Taurine, Lysine, Chlorella Growth Factor, and 100% RENI Vitamin C, Nate stays healthy, may energy at always may ganang kumain!

Kween Regine Moments That We Love on Idol Philippines  2


Kween Regine Moments That We Love on Idol Philippines  3

Slaying as a hands-on mom, an exceptional artist, and a wonderful judge, Regine is indeed a true KWEEN! And we’re ganado and excited to see more of her as the search for the Philippines’ next singing idol continues on Idol Philippines