FATHER’S DAY 2018: Poll shows “Papay” Dennis Padilla as the best teleserye tatay

FATHER S DAY 2018 Poll shows Papay Dennis Padilla as the best teleserye tatay 1


Teleseryes truly make a deep, lasting impact in viewers’ lives, especially the characters we all relate to on a daily basis.


Apart from the lead characters, one such role we all find close to home is that of a father, either as a comforting and supportive dad or as a domineering and cruel patriarch. Regardless, we all still look up to this character as very real as it mirrors life as we know it—the qualities we want and don’t want to see in our dads, and for fathers watching, know and strive to follow or avoid such.


In celebration of Father’s Day, we asked netizens in a Kapamilya Poll who among four actors who played pivotal daddy characters in current dramas is the best teleserye tatay. In the poll, they chose among Christopher de Leon, who plays Juancho, father of Lisa (Jodi Sta. Maria) in Sana Dalawa Ang Puso, Joey Marquez, who plays Mang Gerry, Janice’s (Alessandra de Rossi) dad in Since I Found You, Jestoni Alarcon, who portrays Norman, the father of triplets Erika, Carrie, and Agatha (Erich Gonzales) in The Blood Sisters, and Dennis Padilla, who depicted Mich’s (Barbie Imperial) “Papay” Alonzo in Precious Hearts Romances Presents Araw Gabi as their ideal father figure.



FATHER S DAY 2018 Poll shows Papay Dennis Padilla as the best teleserye tatay 2


Among them, Dennis Padilla as Mich’s “Papay” Alonzo in Araw Gabi was the unanimous pick, garnering 88.14% of the total votes. His endearing character that showed how much he was a loving and supportive “Papay” to Mich, amid the mystery that surrounded her past at the start of the series, was truly memorable despite his tragic demise.


Dennis’s demonstrative and affectionate ways as the “Papay” everyone loved were too much for netizens to take notice of the other choices. The closest at second place is Norman in The Blood Sisters, with 8.17% of the total.


At third is Joey Marquez as Mang Gerry in Since I Found You at 2.44%, and rounding up the list is Christopher de Leon as Juancho in Sana Dalawa ang Puso with 1.25%.


Thus, even if the character was short-lived, Dennis’ winning portrayal was due to obvious, palpable reasons—he had the charm, the humor, and the warmth of a loving dad we all want in our lives.