Kapamilya Poll: Jesus would be best portrayed by Enrique Gil, according to netizens



Acting luminaries around the world have long portrayed our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in epic dramas depicting his life and passion that could possibly restore and strengthen the faith of audiences.


In the Philippines, we have a handful of acclaimed actors who also played this Messianic role. But if we create a similar Lenten tale with the current crop of Kapamilya actors as hopefuls, who among them would best fit such a revered role?


In the latest Kapamilya Poll we launched recently, we asked the netizens who among Coco Martin, Paulo Avelino, Enrique Gil, and Arjo Atayde would make that divine cut.


With his 63.47% of total votes, it's clear that Enrique is our netizens’ choice to play Jesus. His willingness to sacrifice his life for the sake of his loved ones and people and his being a purveyor of hope and strength as Lakas in Bagani has helped him to be hailed as the possible player of the most significant role an actor could ever have.


Runner-up Arjo is a close contender with 19.24% of votes. The unconditional love he showers his loved ones and the courage he brandishes in defending them and the truth as the irrepressible Paco in Hanggang Saan mirrors how a Lamb of God should be, right?


Coco comes next after garnering 11.14% of votes. The valor and bravery he exudes in FPJ's Ang Probinsyano as the modern-day hero Cardo Dalisay seem to persuade the viewers to pick him for the role. Besides, he's one of the most versatile actors we have in the industry right now so he can possibly nail it.


Paulo might received the least number of votes with 6.16%, but he's still got love from his believers. Although he currently wins heart with his stint in Asintado, but it could be his multiple characters in The Promise of Forever which is somehow relevant to the journey of Jesus. It's because like the words of the Messiah, he persisted in the life of the people who loves him regardless of the alterations in his identity.