Who’s Your Bet? Here’s What You Need to Know About the Top 5 Idol Philippines’ Finalists!

Before the finale live performances this weekend, let us first meet the talented hopefuls who get to continue their journey towards becoming the country’s next singing Idol. Who’s got the most potential? Who’s certified Idol material? Here are Idol Philippines’ Top 5 Finalists! (In no particular order)


During the audition rounds, he easily caught the attention of the Idol judges with his unique hairstyle. Then, later on, he effortlessly bagged four yeses from them with his remarkable performance. Lucas, as he mentioned during his audition, is “proudly and beautifully gay” who dreams of becoming the country’s next singing Idol. This 20-year-old Idol hopeful wishes to make his mother proud—she is his sole inspiration and number one fan.

Lucas Garcia – Auditions:

Lucas’ heartfelt rendition of one of Judge Moira’s hit songs earned him high praises from the Idol judges. Judge Regine simply described it as beautiful, while Judge James mentioned how he was impressed by the vulnerability he showed on stage. On the other hand, Judge Vice was left teary-eyed and gave Lucas “one hundred points” for his performance. And to top it off, Judge Moira, the original artist of the song, commended Lucas’ version and wished him the best for the rest of the competition.

Lucas Garcia – Tagpuan:

Being a consistent performer in the game, will Lucas be on his way to snatch the most coveted title as the winner of Idol Philippines?


As soon as she stepped inside the audition room, the judges instantly fell in love with this charming 16-year-old girl from Laguna. But don’t let her cute looks fool you, because this girl can kill it on stage with her amazing vocals. Zephanie is not a first-timer when it comes to joining reality-singing competitions--she has been doing it ever since she was young. And this time, on Idol Philippines, she’s ready to show a more mature side of her as a performer.

Zephanie Dimaranan – Auditions:

Zephanie recently earned a standing ovation from the Idol judges with her performance of a Sarah Geronimo song during the Idol Top 8 week. Judge Vice felt proud that he fought for Zephanie during the preliminaries and praised Zephanie for showing great progress in her performances. He even called her a "true star". Judge Moira mentioned how Zephanie looked natural on stage. Judge James was quick to point out how she grew more confident throughout the weeks in the competition. Also, Judge Regine predicted that she’ll see Zephanie in the grand finals—which eventually came true!

Zephanie Dimaranan – Isa Pang Araw:

With the continuous improvement in her performances, Zephanie proved to the judges that she is indeed Idol material. During the finals round, will she be able to prove herself worthy as the next Philippine singing Idol?


The judges were amazed as to how he can pass off as Judge James’ brother—the resemblance is uncanny! But more than that, it’s his original composition during the auditions that made them say yes. Miguel, 24 years old, is an aspiring singer and songwriter from the US. He came to the Philippines because he believed that he can better pursue his passion here. He also mentioned that he felt happier in our country.

Miguel Odron – Auditions:

Miguel’s rendition of an Erik Santos hit earned him great compliments from the Idol judges. Judge Regine reminded him that they chose him because of his unique voice. She also added that all the judges think that he is incredibly talented. Judge Moira pointed out how Miguel was able to loosen up and enjoy the performance, which in turn made the audience enjoy it as well.

Miguel Odron – Kung Akin Ang Mundo:

Will Miguel be able to build his confidence further as a performer and claim the top spot on Idol Philippines?


This 23-year-old singer from Bataan already tried his luck in a TV singing competition before. And although he failed to reach the top, it didn’t stop him from achieving his dream. He considers Idol Philippines as his second chance to pursue a career in music and promises to be more focused. His audition performance completely wowed the Idol judges.

Dan Ombao – Auditions:

Dan received positive comments from Judge Vice and James for his version of a Yeng Constantino song. Judge Vice lauded Dan for being able to convey the emotions of the song effectively. He was also impressed at how Dan outdid himself with an incredibly memorable performance. Judge James shared that he forgot that he was there to judge and actually just enjoyed Dan’s performance. He also commended Dan for having “record-quality” voice that deserves to be heard all around the world. 

Dan Ombao – Cool Off:

Coming from the setbacks he had in the past, will this be the moment for Dan to taste victory? Is he the one to take the title as Idol Philippines?


His performance during the auditions round blew the judges away! This 24-year-old singer from Butuan City had already competed internationally before joining Idol Philippines. He was often told that his sound wouldn’t be appreciated here in the country, but still, he decided to come home and let everyone hear what he has to offer. His efforts did not go in vain, as he earned four ecstatic yeses from the judges.

Lance Busa – Auditions:

Lance’s performance during the Top 10 week, was highly commended by the Idol judges. Judge Regine mentioned how Lance continuously meets their expectations every time he is on stage. She was also vocal in stating that Lance is one of her favorites in the competition. Judge James described Lance’s voice as perfect--and that he’s always looking forward to his every performance. He ended his comment by saying that Lance got the total package.

Lance Busa – Kay Ganda Ng Ating Musika:

Will Lance’s distinct sound be his Golden Ticket to win the competition? Is he the perfect candidate to be the country’s next singing Idol?

Lucas, Zephanie, Miguel, Dan, and Lance have indeed come a long way since the Idol Philippines audition rounds. We just can’t wait to see their live performances in the finals round. But as early as now, we already consider them as true idols because of how they persevered in reaching for their dreams. Amidst the challenges they faced in the competition, they stayed “ganado” and inspired to improve and give their best with every performance.

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Speaking of ganado, who among Lucas, Zephanie, Miguel, Dan, and Lance do you think will give the most ganado performance in the grand finals? Make sure you tune in this weekend to find out who will be hailed as the winner of Idol Philippines!