From first impressions to midnight cravings: A Quickie Q&A with Wil Dasovich, Vince Vandorpe, Donny Pangilinan, and Alex Diaz

Wil Dasovich, Vince Vandorpe,  Donny Pangilinan, and Alexander Diaz have the looks, the brains, and the experience. Indeed, these men are the complete package. Having all four of them in one place? Now, that’s just luxurious indulgence. 

From first impressions to midnight cravings A Quickie Q A with Wil Dasovich Vince Vandorpe Donny Pangilinan and Alex Diaz  1

Only the best from these Axe Recommends experts

They’re so different from each other, but what makes these four men stand out is how they’re not afraid to be themselves. They are able to walk into a room and own it, no fanfare or special treatment necessary. During the launch of Axe Recommends, these four men sat down for a quick Q&A on a variety of topics. Each of them are so comfortable in their own skin that, really, you can ask them anything!

Q: What’s the perfect day-to-night outfit?

Wil: a long tee and joggers

Vince: joggers and a black top

Donny: black shirt and jeans

Alex: a nice white t-shirt, black jeans, a necklace, ring, white socks, white sneakers, and a hat

Q: What are your top 5 wardrobe staples?

Wil: basic tee, long tee, joggers, jeans, and a blazer

Vince: joggers, white shirt, jeans, black button-down polo, and a jacket

Donny:  black t-shirt, ripped jeans, nice sneakers, long socks, and a really nice jacket

Alex: black jeans, light blue jeans, white t-shirt, black t-shirt, and a long-sleeved white polo

Q: What’s your go-to comfort food?

Wil: quinoa

Vince: pancakes with syrup

Donny: Japanese food

Alex: Filipino food

Q:  What satisfies your midnight cravings?

Wil: a large chicken burrito with a lot of guacamole

Vince: vanilla ice cream

Donny: cup noodles

Alex: chocolate cake

Q: Is chivalry outdated or timeless?

Wil: Timeless!

Vince:  Timeless. Offering your seat, opening the door for someone… that’s always good.

Donny: Timeless.

Alex:  Timeless, regardless of gender.

Q: Do real men cry?

Wil: Yes. Only real men are not afraid to show their emotions.

Vince: Yes. Last time I cried was while watching the ending of “A Star is Born”.

Donny:  Of course! Last time I did was just last Sunday, in church.

Alex: Yes. Real men aren’t afraid to cry.

Q: What should an Axe man never leave home without?

Wil: Your phone, so you can conduct all your business on it; wax, so you can do your hair anytime; your Axe scent, so that you’re ready for any situation; a dual backpack that can carry anything you need; and a camera to capture every moment!

Vince: The Axe scent, phone, powerbank, keys, and wallet.

Donny: You should never leave home without looking good, feeling good, and smelling good!

Alex: A shower, a wristwatch, ironed clothes, health body, and a smile.

Q: What’s the best way to make a great first impression?

Wil: First impressions last, ‘ika nga. With me, one of the biggest impressions a person makes is with how they smell. You’ve got to be sociable in this life, and one of the ways that can help you get out of your shell and be confident to meet people is knowing that you’ve got that scent going.  When you smell good, you won’t be afraid to get close to people.

Vince: Aside from your outfit, your scent is definitely a big factor. It completes your look and contributes to what people think of you. Axe is great with that because you can switch scents, depending on the occasion.

Donny: I feel that your scent is the first impression people get when they meet you. ‘Uy, ang bango.’ So it’s really important that you have a good scent on you. My personal favorite is Axe Black. I also like Axe You.

Alex: Before people can even see you, you present yourself by the way you smell. When you walk into a room, your smell immediately communicates a message. It gives people an idea of what you’re about, what you want. If you’re playful, you can wear Axe You. If you’re feeling sensual, maybe try Axe Dark Temptation or Axe Gold.

Own that first impression and make it work for you. Whatever the occasion, Axe has the perfect scent to complete your look: the modern spice of Axe You, the sensual scent of Axe Dark Temptation, the mysterious smoothness of Axe Gold, the subtle and fresh scent of Axe Black.

From first impressions to midnight cravings A Quickie Q A with Wil Dasovich Vince Vandorpe Donny Pangilinan and Alex Diaz  2

Axe completes their look

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