The Miss Universe #WearTheCrown Tweets That Best Explain Our Feels for Catriona Gray

She did it. Catriona Gray is the Miss Universe. 

We talked about it, and she walked it. We willed for her to #WearTheCrown. Now, the crown sits where it rightfully belongs. Catriona has always said that she isn’t doing this for herself—she’s doing it for the 104 million Filipinos. And that’s why we had her back. Here are some tweets of how we supported and expressed our feels for our queen!

Catriona probably didn’t need luck because she’s been preparing for this all her life, but we still sent good vibes her way!

The State U’s e Atin ‘To mentality spilled over to Miss U!

When we first saw her Mayon Volcano-inspired gown, we couldn’t help but scream how much we LAV(A) it!

A fire emoji? Tweet the volcano-spewing-lava emoji!

104 million Filipinos collectively lost their minds when Miss Philippines was the first one to be called to the Top 3!

And when Queen Catriona was finally crowned, we couldn’t get our fingers off the keyboard!

Maybe she sealed the deal as early as the first time she debuted the now-iconic slo-mo twirl to the world. Her secret?

Now, the crown is home. But even before that, Catriona’s already had a crown that helped her stand out. Her #UltimatelyBeautifulHair care of Cream Silk made her gorgeous looks that much more stunning. And her slo-mo twirl would be impossible to pull off without her beautifully straight locks.

To wear the crown, Catriona made sure that hers already shined. 


#WearTheCrown proud, Queen Catriona! Our nation of 104 million Filipinos is delighted and grateful for a Filipina like you to represent us in front of the universe.

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