Kapamilya Poll: Netizens want Liza Soberano to play “Mary” in a Kapamilya Lenten Special

Kapamilya Poll Netizens want Liza Soberano to play Mary in a Kapamilya Lenten Special 1

With her transcendent beauty and motherly charm, who wouldn’t be at ease in telling their petitions and be hopeful that everything they asked for through her would be granted? As the Bible is continually adapted into movies or television specials, we’ve seen various figures of Jesus Christ’s mother through the different actresses who portrayed her all over the world. Now, we want to know the Filipina actress who could best play the Blessed Mother if ever there will be a Kapamilya Lenten Special. We’ve come up with a Kapamilya Poll to determine who among the current four Kapamilya leading ladies – Yassi Pressman, Erich Gonzales, Liza Soberano, and Jodi Sta. Maria – would best personify the divine role.

Kapamilya Poll Netizens want Liza Soberano to play Mary in a Kapamilya Lenten Special 2


With her charming splendor, there’s no doubt why Liza won with 53.71% of total votes. Her striking beauty caught the attention of the world, paving her way to become the most beautiful woman of 2017. The gentleness of her aura and the grace she brandishes convinced the netizens that the Bagani star could be the Filipina Mary.


Runner-up Yassi was able to rake in 44.06% of votes. Her dainty and delicate personality definitely brings balance to the intense and action-packed vibe of FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano. Besides, she showed how a doting matriarch she was to their unico hijo Ricky Boy and her estranged husband Cardo (Coco Martin). And these, for netizens, are perfect qualities of someone who would play the Holy Mother of God.


Jodi placed third with her 1.35% of votes. The seasoned actress has been in the industry for almost a score, enabling us to see her in different lights. From teeny-bopper roles which introduced her to the industry, she continues to stun us with her dual role in Sana Dalawa ang Puso as the sophisticated Lisa and the boyish Mona. With her deific beauty, prim demeanor, and brilliant acting, not to mention that she’s a great role model to her son Thirdy, Jodi could indeed effectively portray Mary.


She may be the last with 0.89% of votes, but the beauty and talent of Erich should not be ignored. She might be braver, bolder, and fiercer in her current series The Blood Sisters, but her soft side still seeps through her character Erika who singlehandedly and optimistically nurtured her sickly son amid poverty. The same with the Blessed Mother, she has been the image of hope not only to her child, but to those who are getting pessimistic about life.