Barbie Imperial’s successful maiden stint as leading lady in Araw Gabi

With the announcement of JM de Guzman’s highly-anticipated comeback on television through the Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Araw Gabi early this year, we were all left wondering who would be his newest leading lady.

This created a hullaballoo on social media, with everyone voicing out their own bets for the most coveted position. After weeks of debates and playing guessing game, the luckiest girl was revealed to be Pinoy Big Brother alumna and up-and-rising star Barbie Imperial.

Reportedly, a lot of ladies attempted to snag the role of Michelle Verano/Anna Vida de Alegre, but it was her captivating beauty and impressive acting prowess during the auditions that captured the attention and earned the nods of the creators and the leading man himself.


Just a few minutes of seeing her on-screen for the first-time during the pilot episode of Araw Gabi last April 30, we could already say that the role was seemed to be crafted especially for her. Her glowing fair complexion truly reflected the enthusiasm and optimism of the main female protagonist for life, not to mention her resonating battlecry “Kaya natin ‘to, tiwala lang!”.

Despite her innocent and dainty façade, she was able to unleash her fierce and mature facets when the situation requires, just like what we saw on her first scene with JM.

As the narrative continued to unfold, we witnessed the brave and aggressive version of her through her catfights and confrontations with her former rival to Adrian, Tanya (Phoebe Walker).

The 20-year-old actress also never failed to amuse us with her playful antics which she was able to seamlessly pull off, such as her compelling performance when her character got drunk.

However, what astound us the most was her dramatic flair that truly warmed our souls and tugged our heartstrings. The way she let her tears roll down her cheeks and purge our emotions seemed to be effortless and natural.