LOOK! Vina Morales, ipinasilip kung paano ginawa ang prosthetics niya sa Araw Gabi

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After Villa de Luz was set ablaze, perpetrators Celestina (Vina Morales) and Franco (Victor Silayan) were about to make their escape when Tanya (Phoebe Walker) entered the scene. It then revealed that Red (Paulo Angeles) was amongst the people inside the house.

A few moments passed and all the residents safely rushed out of the building leaving behind Virgilio (Raymond Bagatsing) and Mich (Barbie Imperial) to search for Adrian (JM de Guzman) who was missing within the inferno. Watching from a distance, Celestina saw that Red was not one of them.

Desperation setting in, Celestina ran into the fire despite Franco’s warning. Eventually, she finds her unconscious son with Virgilio. The two managed to exit the burning house, but she was trapped inside. Franco was able to rescue her later on, but not before a piece of scorching wood fell on her face.

Once the dust and ashes have cleared, viewers of Precious Hearts Romances Presents Araw Gabi saw the extent of the damages Celestina. The entire right side of her face was colored crimson red, from her hairline and ear, pass the jawline and even reaching her collar. Franco could only advise her to rest. When she asked for a mirror, he hesitated.

“I’ve seen worse things in my life,” she tried to convince him. But this is a whole new level of shock for her. Teary eyed and scared, she could hardly recognize herself. But all she could do was throw the mirror in anger.

As expected Vina’s spot-on acting made the burn wound seem truly horrifying. But of course, we also can’t help but notice how realistic the prosthetic looked. The make-up team behind this deserves an applause.

And just to show fans how much work and effort was needed to complete this, the actress has taken it upon herself to share the painstaking process. She uploaded a time lapse video on Instagram and the whole video on her YouTube channel.

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