WATCH: JM de Guzman's sexy version of "Kiki" Dance challenge!

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We can’t speak on behalf of Kiki, but one thing we can say is that Entertainment absolutely loves JM de Guzman.

Adrian has already won over Mich (Barbie Imperial). Now, the Precious Hearts Roamces Presents Araw Gabi lead actor is going after every Kapamilya’s heart with his version of the Kiki dance challenge. Those smooth moves and lip bite will surely get you reaching for that replay button over and over again.

The drama over at El Paraiso is keeping viewers at the edge of their seats. Adrian is poised more than ever to take down Celestina (Vina Morales). They’re now racing to find Conchita (Mailes Kanapi) and the phone that holds the confession that could end everything. But let’s not forget, that Amanda (Ara Mina) has also discovered that she is in fact Harriet.

Tune in from Monday to Friday to find out the fate of El Paraiso! And if you need a something to help you relax in between, there’s always this clip!