How Celestina infuriated us in Araw Gabi, thanks to Vina Morales

Throughout her 33 years in the local entertainment scene, Vina Morales has since shown the different facets of being a multitalented artist. She is not only a well-known singer and concert performer, she is also a top-caliber actress who can definitely captivate both as a warm-hearted protagonist and an infuriating antagonist, as what she has shown us in her past movie and television stints.

At present, she astonished us with her impeccable and compelling portrayal as the cunning, ruthless, and treacherous Celestina de Alegre, who is terribly making our nerves wrack and tempers rise every time she does something horrible.

She’s never been afraid to kill the persons she consider as obstruction in the fulfillment of her wicked schemes, specifically to acquire the wealth of the affluent De Alegre clan, regardless if they are her relative, friend, enemy, or just an individual who simply got involved.

Just like every villain, she was beset by her dark past, in which she met the chivalrous Virgilio de Alegre and immediately fell in love with him. However, he was already committed to another young woman named Harriet, to whom he is married and has a child.

Since then, it has been Celestina’s plan to destroy the De Alegre clan to avenge for her miserable life. She got hitched to its patriarch, Don Frederico, Sr. (Johnny Revilla), and later on killing him and attempting to murder his daughter-in-law Harriet (Ana Roces) and granddaughter Anna Vida (Angelica Rama) in order to easily take not only his assets, but son Virgilio (Raymond Bagatsing) as well.

To escape the bloody crime she did, she brainwashed her best friend Odessa (Rita Avila) and the other witness Conchita (Mailes Kanapi) to put the blame on the innocent and young Adrian (Adrian Cabido/JM de Guzman). This extremely tainted his reputation and made him feel guilty for two decades, while she lived happily and even revered by the people of El Paraiso as the magnanimous and compassionate “Tita Celestina”.

Unbeknownst to many, she is actually a terrifying and cold-blooded woman who had a long list of victims, who had suffered from her misdeeds.

For a very long time, she hid Virgilio inside the lighthouse and chained and “tamed” him like a dog.

Upon knowing that their visitor Michelle (Barbie Imperial) is her long-lost granddaughter Anna Vida, she immediately got her plans rolling for to make her live like hell – from ordering the murder of her foster parents Emmy/Lupe (Candy Pangilinan) and Alonzo/Vicente (Dennis) to bribing her landlady to expel her in the house where her family lived.



Celestina even forged alliance with David (RK Bagatsing), her friend doctor who also harbored feelings towards Michelle, to be her lookout on her whereabouts and later on as a spy monitoring the activities of Amanda, who is actually Harriet (Ara Mina), and Adrian.


She also didn’t spare her friend Odessa as she attempted to gun her down after the latter warned her of spilling her deepest, darkest secrets.

This ensued to her imprisonment, through which her real personality and other wicked schemes were unraveled to and by her inmates who experienced difficulties because of her.

The main antagonist made sure to shut the mouth of the deranged Conchita, who also knew about her past crimes.

But her former ally Amber (Jane Oineza), who found out that her demised sister was one of her victims as well and filmed Celestina’s whole confession, sacrificed her life just to help Adrian and others to attain the justice they truly deserve.

Of course, she wouldn’t let the De Alegres feel triumphant now that they are a picture of a complete and happy family and they are able to successfully figure out that she's been the real culprit behind the tragic and senseless deaths of some of the people dear to them. She and her daughter Tanya (Phoebe Walker) crashed the party and stole the scene.

Whenever she's unhappy with the performances of her most trusted minions, she made sure to bestow them the appropriate punishment she thought they deserve for them to get motivated to do better next time. Just like what she did to David.

Meanwhile, if she has difficulty in accomplishing one of her evil plans, she would really strive to find ways until she succeeds, such as trying to punish Virgilio, Amanda, and Adrian by torturing Mich.

Although Celestina's fighting spirit is arguably admirable, what we consider highly deplorable is her treachery, which we witnessed when she and Franco (Victor Silayan) escaped and took Odessa with them despite Adrian's plea and obeying to her demand of allowing them to flee.

Her ferocity was heightened when she underwent plastic surgery and imitated the face of Odessa in order for her to easily accomplish her "unfinished business".

However, what we seem to overlook is her side as a loving mom to her two children Tanya and Red. We might perceive her as heartless, but she actually still has love in her as it makes her sad everytime she had misunderstandings them...

...or whenever she hurt them all of a sudden.

Will there be a chance for Celestina to transform into being kindhearted and develop rapport with her enemies? Let's find out by watching the remaining episodes of Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Araw Gabi after Kadenang Ginto on Kapamilya Gold.