Precious Hearts Romances Presents Araw Gabi gets deluge of praise from viewers

Viewers are astounded, gripped, and even titillated as seen in their overwhelming reactions to the pilot episode of Precious Hearts Romances Presents Araw Gabi, which premiered on Monday, April 30 on Kapamilya Gold.

Much attention has been given to the enticing story in which an immensely attractive yet cold, taciturn resort owner Adrian Olvidar slowly giving in to the charms of the captivating yet ingenuous ad agency creative Mich Verano.

People are stunned and fascinated by the two lead characters, played by the mesmerizing pair of JM de Guzman and Barbie Imperial.

With his tantalizing eyes and dapper fashion sense, JM, particularly, they said was scorching hot.


Barbie, on the other hand, impressed everyone with her performance, clearly a good sign for the new leading lady on the journey ahead as a main dramatic actress.


But what really drew everyone to the show is their dazzling, raging onscreen chemistry, which is now a subject of so-called “shippers,” who have now labeled them as #JuanBie.


And, who could forget the trending elevator scene, in which Adrian and Mich had their first encounter, that floored all of us.


Judging from the pilot episode and the netizens’ reactions to it, Precious Hearts Romances Presents Araw Gabi will surely further enthrall us with its superb production values, creative genius, and of course the awesome visuals we would encounter daily.

Catch it weekdays after Asintado on Kapamilya Gold.