Unexpected revelations that shocked us to the core in Araw Gabi

For months, Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Araw Gabi touched us with its gripping story. They made us fall in love, mourn the loss of some good characters and boggled our minds with a lot of mysterious characters and events. Thus, before the story ends this week, here are some of the most unforgettable revelations that made our jaws drop.

1.    Virgilio de Alegre is not dead.

The very first revelation that stunned us all was that Virgilio de Alegre (Raymond Bagatsing) is not dead. For the record, everyone was just clueless about Virgilio’s existence. We know him and have seen him when Celestina de Alegre (Vina Morales) makes flashbacks, but his absence in scenes depicting present events left us all puzzled until this revelation came out. Celestina who was madly in love with Virgilio, hid him at the lighthouse for a very long time without anybody else knowing it.

2.    Amber Distrito had almost been Adrian’s sister-in-law.

Amber Distrito (Jane Oineza) was actually the sister of Mia Tolentino (Margo Midwinter), the woman whom Adrian loved first and almost married. Celestina had killed Mia in her murderous spree and Amber was led to believe that Adrian (JM de Guzman) was behind it. She swore to let Adrian pay for what she thought was his unforgivable “crime.”

3.    David Garcia is Mia Tolentino’s ex-boyfriend.

David Garcia (RK Bagatsing) was Mia’s boyfriend before she and Adrian were officially together. Mia broke David’s heart and chose Adrian over him right before David was about to propose to her. Before Celestina killed her, Mia told David about Adrian being a so-called murderer. David would then mistakenly blame Adrian for Mia’s death and vowed to take revenge on him, just like Amber.

4.    Adrian Olvidar is not a criminal.

Everyone believed Adrian killed Harriet de Alegre (Ana Roces/Ara Mina), until this revelation emerged. It was Celestina de Alegre who tried to murder Harriet from the very beginning. Adrian just tried to save Harriet at that time, but then he did not succeed. Celestina also hit his head, that’s why he can’t remember anything from the said incident.

5.    Amanda Rodriguez is Harriet de Alegre.

Harriet did not die on the night Celestina tried to kill her. Her childhood best friend Lucas Rodriguez (Allan Paule), witnessed what happened to her that night and saved her after falling off at the cliff. Being in love with Harriet since they were young, Lucas kept Harriet with him. As a professional doctor, he changed Harriet’s face, named her Amanda, and made her believe that she was his wife to protect her from further peril.

6.    Celestina de Alegre murdered a lot of people.

Celestina is a cold-blooded murderer. She manipulated everyone and orchestrated all the killings in El Paraiso. She killed the owner of El Paraiso Don Frederico de Alegre, Sr. (Johnny Revilla), Mich/Anna Vida’s (Barbie Imperial) foster parents Alonzo (Dennis Padilla) and Emmy (Candy Pangilinan), Mia and her sister Amber, and other people who knew of her crimes.

7.    Franco Mamaril was Red’s father.

Franco Mamaril (Victor Silayan) was Celestina’s partner in crime. He was crazy in love with Celestina and had a sordid affair with her. But aside from all the dark secrets he knew about Celestina, he had not known that his long term affair with her produced a child. Franco knew Frederico “Red” de Alegre since he was born, but he did not know Red was his son until Celestina was pushed to confess it.

8.    Celestina de Alegre did not die in the boat crash.

Celestina did not die in the boat crash with Adrian’s mom Odessa Olvidar (Rita Avila). They both survived, but then she tortured and eventually killed Odessa. She hid herself for months and had a cosmetic surgeon transform her into having Odessa’s body, stealing Odessa’s identity.

After these shocking revelations, what are the other jaw-dropping surprises in store for us as we near the teleserye’s gripping finale? Don’t miss the last episodes of Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Araw Gabi, all this week after Kadenang Ginto on Kapamilya Gold.