On and off set bonding moments of Araw Gabi family

A lot of hard work goes into being one of the most loved dramas on television today. Although, us viewers do not know much about what goes behind the camera, we can see how dedicated the actors are. Whatever the script demands from them, they can deliver for the sake of the scene. In Precious Hearts Romances Presents Araw Gabi alone we have already see so much drama and tearjerker moments go down. As well as face offs that have escalated to full-on catfights and just the worst-case scenarios.

First there was figuring out Mich’s true identity and trying to bring back Adrian’s lost memories. Then Virgilio who was supposedly far away turned out to be only held captive. Not to mention, Harriet who was known to be dead also made a comeback, as Amanda. But even after the De Alegres were reunited and Adrian was able to clear his name, Celestina simply refuses to go down without a fight. We all remember how the villainess burned her face during the fire incident at Villa de Luz. As if that was not horrific enough, she has now managed to claim the face and identity of Odessa, while the rest of El Paraiso believes that Celestina has truly fallen.

Surely, viewers need to destress at some point. But you don’t need to look to somewhere else, because the same cast and crew can offer that too with these off-camera moments on set!

“This [what] happens on the Set of ARAW GABI drama series when our Call Time is at 5:30am, you’re awake by 3am or haven’t slept well yet, but no choice to get up that early for work,” Raymond Bagatsing wrote on one Instagram post featuring the De Algre trio dancing while he sings “Happy Together” by the Turtles. 


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Over at Barbie Imperial’s account, she revealed everything from the before and after of shooting a fight scene to chilling during their down time. 


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She had a girl’s night out with Ara Mina, Jai and Joj Agpangan, and Alexa Miro. Then there was her night at the beach with Jane Oineza.

Did we mention that Barbie and Ara go to church together? “Always good seeing and bonding with you my Ana Vida,” the veteran actress captioned one of their photos off set. 



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She is also the reason why we know Barbie and JM De Guzman would make great parents. 


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And there’s the dance showdown of JM with Vina versus Barbie and Jane:


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On the other hand, JM joked around with his on-screen mom Rita Avila during an IG story. And then there was Raymond, JM and Jane all randomly dancing on set like no one was in the same room. Jai also contributed with a clip of JuanBie taking pictures and being naturally cute together! RK Bagatsing also shared the acting lesson he got from Eric Nicolas.

Whatever the reason may be, we are glad they are doing these antics because we get to watch! Fans of the afternoon teleserye are lucky, because whether it is in front of the TV or on their phones browsing through social media, there is a treat waiting.