REVIEW: A fascinating pilot week for Precious Hearts Romances Presents Araw Gabi


Many were saddened five years ago, when a captivating romance series on television stopped airing.


But when we learned that ABS-CBN will revive the Precious Hearts Romances series, we were again thrilled to await yet another enthralling romance paperback gets its teleserye treatment.


And, when the new adaptation of a Precious Hearts Romances novel premiered this week—“Araw Gabi,” based on Martha Cecilia’s El Paraiso—not only did it not disappoint, but also truly made us appreciate each scene, each cast member, and each plot twist and turn, making us anticipate what comes next. 


Truly, five years was worth the wait!


Unraveling secrets


Though it started cute, with the usual rom-com arrogant boy meets the pesky girl scenario, the shift towards the thriller, mystery angle was seamless, and we can’t get enough with all the secrets that continue to unravel.


The pilot week of Precious Hearts Romances Presents Araw Gabi offers that kind of excitement—from the visual glory of those picturesque locations to the compelling narrative that makes people not dare to miss an episode, a scene, or even a single spoken line.


The journey of Mich (Barbie Imperial) from first pleasing a would-be advertising client and resort owner Adrian (JM de Guzman) to avail of her employer’s services to searching in the end for answers to a mysterious past on the island, El Paraiso, where the resort is located was engaging and exhilarating. 


How Adrian and Mich’s unraveling tales fuse or merge, including the characters that surround them, is something we excitingly await.


Well-written script


Consistent with Martha Cecilia’s literary prowess, the script penned by Mary Rose Colindres, Jose Ruel Garcia and Margarette Heba-Labrador was well-written for the teleserye audience to digest and appreciate.


Director Theodore Boborol pieced together all these impressive elements to create one forceful drama people are raving about.


We are definitely cheering for JM, his triumphant comeback, and his effortless and exceptional portrayal of the convoluted yet well-meaning character Adrian. We also rooting for Barbie in her praiseworthy first major teleserye role as the principled, naïve Mich, who is in search for answers to a haunted, mysterious past.


We are also commending the veteran actors who have appeared in the pilot week —Dennis Padilla and Candy Pangilinan (Mich’s Papay and Mamay who also hold the key to the mysteries she wants answered), Vina Morales (as the two-faced Celestina) and Rita Avila (as Adrian’s mom Odessa)—whose performances were deeply felt and exceptional.


Judging from how the story is progressing, and how certain truths are about to be discovered, not to mention the fiery romance that’s set to lit up the screens, Precious Hearts Romances Presents Araw Gabi will surely capture our hearts and minds all day long.