Marshmallow Challenge with Barbie Imperial


Marshmallows are fun to eat. Interviews are fun to watch. So, why not combine the two?

Following the success of Barbie Imperial’s first ever leading lady role on PHR Presents Araw Gabi and her love team with JM de Guzman, fans are now highly anticipating the young actress’ next project. In the meantime, however, we are giving everyone a chance to get to know her more. To add a little twist to this otherwise quick chat, Barbie has to stuff marshmallow in her mouth per question. Two for a Yes and one for a No. Are you ready for the Marshmallow Q & A?

As far as her love life goes, she has in fact gone crazy over someone. She had a crush on a friend. “Sino’ng friend?” she teased us. And she has had a crush on a co-star. Whether all three of those is one person, we can only imagine. Barbie also revealed her trick on how to move on and seriously it is worth trying out if you ever find yourself in the middle of a heartbreak. She gives herself a week to feel the pain and be depressed. As soon as those seven days are up, it is back to work, “Gusto ko after one week ili-lift ko na ‘yung sarili ko.”

If asked whether she stalks her crush on social media, the answer is no. Mostly because she does not have one at the moment. In fact, she is the type of girl who does not fall easily. Which is why the only special someone in her life is her loving family.

She dances in the shower, gets scolded every day by her mom and clearly loves to eat a lot. All that and more. Grab your marshmallows, just in case you might start craving them too, then check out this video!