Down and out? These Araw Gabi memes will help you remember and recover

How do you handle the worst situations in your life, when even the slightest sign of a silver lining is out of sight

You surely can relate and identify with these Kapamilya Relate memes on Precious Hearts Romances Presents Araw Gabi, wherein you just can’t help but remember those agonizing moments yet feel inspired to pick up the pieces and move on.

When you recall those times you get the blame (with a crisp slap) for something you did not do.

And when you do, you just want to let it all out, Best Actor style!

Reeling from the trauma, you just want those arms to hold you tight

And have someone, your most beloved, close to you—and make her listen and “feel” you

Such unfortunate events may get to your nerves, but with just right outlook and attitude, they are just something you can LOL in the end. This is what we only wish for lovers Mich and Adrian as they also try to remember and recover from their harrowing past on Precious Hearts Romances Presents Araw Gabi, weekdays after Asintado on Kapamilya Gold.