Out with the old and in with the new: Direk Ted at the helm of Precious Hearts Romances Presents Araw Gabi


After five years, Precious Hearts Romances is finally returning to Kapamilya Gold with “Araw Gabi.” A romantic drama with a cup of mystery, a dash of suspense and a pinch of sensuality, it’s the perfect recipe to capture every Kapamilya’s attention. And who better to lead the latest installment than Director Theodore Boborol.


“Ang pinakabago for ‘Araw Gabi’ is first the tandem itself of JM and Barbie.”

Direk Ted shared that aside from their budding chemistry, they also complimented each other physically. JM de Guzman, who plays Adrian, has a more mature image that shows he has gone through many experiences in life. On the other hand, playing Michelle is Barbie Imperial whose fresh face still has an air of sweet innocence.


After launching popular loves teams LizQuen (Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil) and JoshLia (Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia) and directing their first movies, Direk Ted has proven to have a keen eye on which pair can make fans feel the kilig and then some. But while he doesn’t necessarily aspire JM and Barbie to be the next hot new tandem, he does believe that the two can go beyond the usual flavors. “They’re individual actors who are willing to do any kind of role for the love of their craft,” he said to describe the two. This is exactly what separates JM and Barbie from other love teams. They’re different because they have no limitations and are free to experiment.


“That’s what I like about JM, he knew his mistakes and asked for forgiveness.”

Direk Ted was also the one that propelled JM’s career after first working together for Angelito: Batang Ama, which was arguably JM’s biggest break so far. Unfortunately, while the success of the show warranted a second season, it was cut short after the actor was forced to temporarily leave showbiz.

After two years, JM is now back on his feet and Direk Ted could not be more proud of his recovery. Direk Ted said that he personally contacted their staff and crew to ask for forgiveness which was reminiscent of his genuinely kind soul. “Now, it’s as if I’m working with a new JM.” He went on to describe how JM has developed a clearer mind, deeper personality, and a more sensitive actor.


“How can you make people root for their love story?”

Unlike previous PHR adaptations, “Araw Gabi” will offer more than romance. This is the first time that the main characters have a huge age gap between them, which is at 12 years, giving fans a different type of love story. There are also going to be sensual scenes, but the trick is how to imply them and tease the audience rather than showing them.


There is also a sense of suspense because of Adrian’s dark history and its mysterious connection with Michelle. Here the production design plays an important role. Manila is a busting city, while El Paraiso is more old-fashioned. In a way, the setting also reflects how haunting Adrian’s past is, as well as Michelle nightmares.


Without a doubt the show is in good, skilled hands. “Araw Gabi” is set to set sail on Monday, April 30, as part of Kapamilya Gold. Adrian and Michelle have a long journey ahead of them and every Kapamilya is welcome to tag along. Direk Ted hopes that in watching this series, fans would learn to move on from their past like Adrian and be able to see goodness in everyone and everything like Michelle. “Hindi masamang maging hopeful. Hindi masamang maging positive,” he ended on an encouraging note.