Guido and Isabel get married

Guido is devastated after receiving news that an airplane has been hijacked and has exploded in midair. He leans against a wall and begins to cry. He cannot believe it then when he sees Annaliza coming to him. Thinking she’s a ghost, he even taps her cheek. But when he confirms that it’s the real Annaliza, he hugs Annaliza to him tightly.

Guido is also emotional when he sees Isabel coming down the escalator. Nanay Milet asks Isabel when they are planning on going back to the US, but Isabel tells them that what she needs is right in front of her. She says this as she gazes lovingly at Guido. Guido then kneels and brings out the ring meant for Isabel and Isabel accepts Guido’s proposal.

Guido and Isabel are married in a church, with their loved ones present. Everybody is happy for the two, most of all Annaliza who is eager to begin this happier phase in their lives.

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