Arlene to Stella: ‘Paano mo nagawa yun, Mommy!’

Arlene gets the shock of her life when she comes across Annaliza’s video of her mother Stella admitting her crime and talking to the kidnapper. She visits her mother in prison and asks her how she could have done such things. Stella denies it but Arlene only pushes her away, crying.

Amparo follows Arlene to the prison and Stella asks Amparo when she will get her out of prison. Amparo tells her that she will not hire a lawyer for her. She also tells Stella that she already admitted her crimes to Bel and she forgave her. Amparo then begs Stella to mend her ways, saying that she regrets everything she did because it cost her Laz’s life.

Stella cannot believe what she hears and she lashes out in anger. Will Stella spend the rest of her days in prison? What will she do?

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