Trivia about Ang Sa Iyo ay Akin’s most talked about scenes revealed by the cast and directors

The moment teleserye enthusiasts have all been waiting for has finally happened. As the first to embark on a new age of storytelling, Kapamilya series Ang Sa Iyo ay Akin did not disappoint on its pilot week. The first episodes exceeded expectations, so intense and riveting audiences are completely hooked.


Adding up to the excitement is the launching of a new interactive show called Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin: Unscripted streamed in between gaps. In there, the show’s cast and directors interact with the netizens, read real-time comments, react to the aired scenes, and share trivia.


Here are the highlights of Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin: Unscripted and the most amusing fun facts revealed by the team about the teleserye lovers’ current addiction.


The pilot episode established the friendship between Marissa (Jodi Sta. Maria) and Ellice (Iza Calzado). Despite their social status, the rich girl Ellice showed her best friend generosity and kindness. They were seen bantering while touring around the fictitious town of La Cascara in Ellice’s top-down vehicle. Iza revealed that she accidentally damaged the car on the last good take.


The pilot airing also showed Marissa and Ellice’s carefree teenage years. They were shown sharing girly belongings and having fun around the Cenidoza mansion. The scenes were filmed prior to the lockdown period, so the girls had the freedom to roam around. Sam Milby couldn’t help but adore his leading ladies’ youthful beauty, saying they pulled off the flashback sequences.


Viewers didn’t have to wait that long before the first layer of disequilibrium unfolds. Just like what was hinted in the trailer, Ellice accidentally killed the political scion Victor (AlbieCasino) after defending herself from a supposed sexual attack. According to the cast, that 3-minute rape scene was filmed almost the whole night. It was shot in March, the season when nights are still cold. The cast had to endure the freezing outdoor weather. They added that the whole pilot episode took 2 to 3 days to film.


The series boasts a wide array of interesting elements–one of which is the scenic location. Of course, the view calls for an airy adventure. Sam used to go on a motorcycle ride going to the set.


The ensemble cast is worthy of praise. Even the show’s directors are utterly stunned with the actors’ impeccable performances. In one streaming simultaneous to Marissa’s comeback after decades of jeopardy, Director FM Reyes tagged Jodi as “The Silent Superstar.” He lauded Jodi’s excellent portrayal of a complex character, added that the actress takes instruction with ease. Jodi would deliver what is expected of her including the wide spectrum of emotions.


Director Avel Sunpongco backed this up, calling Jodi as the “epitome of perfection” not just in the field of acting but also as a woman.


He further shared that Iza is the ball of sunshine on the set, the one who loves to talk. But he is likewise impressed with Iza’s effortless character transition. From her usual perky self, Iza can easily imbibe Ellice’s elegance in a snap. This proves her passion and dedication to her craft.


Direk Avel would have to commend Sam’s effort to deliver passionate performances. He can keep up with his leading ladies despite the struggle in speaking in Filipino. Caught in between two powerful women, Sam fully embraced his character.


The whole cast and crew work as a team. Perhaps, this could be one of the factors why Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin is a promising series. Iza mentioned that she would rely on the director’s guidance in acting out scenes related to the pain of motherhood, with zero maternal experience in real life.


Adding more weight to the show’s oversized dramatic genius is no less than the Diamond Star Maricel Soriano as Lucing, the mom of Marissa and also the mother figure to Ellice. The lead stars, seasoned actors in their own rights, and even the veteran directors are stunned with Maricel’s perpetual brilliance.


There was a scene where Maricel put too much emotion in the simple utterance of her daughter’s name. Jodi shared that she would often catch herself gawking at the veteran actress’ dramatic skills. Direk FM would admit that he is also speechless at times to the point that he would forget to end the takes.


The strict new normal guidelines brought them challenges, at the same time, fuelled their passion and commitment to the audience. Sam revealed that his love scene with Iza was shot before the pandemic while the intimate scene with Jodi fell under the lock-in tapings. Thus, it was filmed with restrictions. They had to fake some parts without compromising the audiences’ immersive viewing experience.


The netizens raved about the show’s triumphant launching and its explosive scenes. The intense pilot week likewise astounded the cast.


Catch Ang Sa Iyo ay Akin on Kapamilya Channel and Kapamilya Online Live. The interactive gap show Ang Sa Iyo ay Akin Unscripted airs every Monday and Friday on the ABS-CBN official Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.