Take a peek into Rita Avila’s wide minion collection!

Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin star Rita Avila proves she’s only a kontrabida on-cam and a real kid-at-heart behind the cameras. She still gushes over dolls and cartoon characters. She even owns a wide, super cute collection of kids’ favorite Minion items.

These adorable blue and yellow creatures are characters from the hit movie “Despicable Me” launched in 2010, so that’s a decade’s worth of collection for Rita. She watched all the movies, of course.

Wearing a minion-printed shirt, Rita showed off the tiniest item in her collection which is a minion earring she got from husband Director FM Reyes. He also gifted her with talking minion toys – the most expensive of them all. 

Rita buys anything that has to do with minions. She has minion tumblers, lunch boxes, and even chopsticks. There also has to be a minion bathroom collection including towels, bath and hand soap, toothbrush, and even toothpaste.

Her collection also features minion neck pillow, sleepwear, blanket, pull-overs, and bedroom slippers. The biggest is a giant, almost bed-sized, minion pillow.

The plethora of minion goods likewise includes stationery items such as notebooks, stickers, and color pencils. The actress can wear her love for minions with her hats, bonnets, sling bags, handbags, aprons, and socks; or carry it around with her minion handkerchiefs, coin purse, bag tags, key chains, fan, and cell phone cases.

Completely taken over by the minion fever, she also has a minion charger, speaker, gift cards, hair iron, coin bank, masks, and a minion perfume. Scattered and displayed all over the room are the cuddly minion stuffed toys.

The cute characters are featured in paintings, and banners (banderitas) which she puts on display during events and parties at home or outdoors. She also has the evil minion characters in purple.

To top off her collection tour, Rita surprised us with minion candies.

Rita wouldn’t mind splurging on all things minion. Some of these are gifts from friends as well like the collector’s item she got from Katrina Halili.

Check out this video and be amazed by Rita’s wide minion collection!