Sam, Joseph take on the Susuko Ba or Lalaban Pa Challenge, share fave scenes in Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin

Just three days before the well-loved series they star in – Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin – ends, Sam Milby and Joseph Marco recently dropped by Kapamilya Confessions to answer some of the questions sent in by their fans and avid viewers.

But before that, they first took on the “Susuko Ba or Lalaban Pa Challenge”, wherein they expressed whether they will continue to fight or they will just surrender to a relationship once the circumstances given to them would happen.

The first situation given was when they are already not comfortable with how their partner always keeps on forbidding them to do things. Both lads chose ‘lalaban pa’ because according to them, it’s just a small issue that can be fixed by communicating with your partner and talking things out.

Next was when they don’t see any change in their partner, Joseph and Sam agreed to ‘lalaban pa’ but had different opinions about it. According to Joseph, he would still fight for the relationship because there might be many reasons behind why his partner acts in such a certain way. Besides, maybe he could also try to change the way he treats her by showing more sweet gestures.

On the other hand, Sam said that it’s important to accept your partner for who she really is if you really love her. But the actor said that it’s also equally important also to reevaluate if the relationship is toxic already. He added that you have to consider if both of you are growing together.

When the people around them do not support their relationship, both of them would still choose to fight for it. For Joseph, he actually likes to be challenged and that situation would test how strong their love for each other is. While for Sam, it’s really important to win as well the hearts of the people who matter to the both of them.

With regards to the promises that are always broken, Sam refuted that no one is perfect and that sometimes, we don’t get to fulfill our promises. Yet, when your partner just says sorry all the time, you have to look at his or her sincerity. He added that humility is really very important, too. On the other hand, Joseph said there must be really something wrong if your partner breaks his or her promise multiple times, but you still need to talk about it.

When asked if they’re going to fight for the relationship or give up if their partner isn’t happy anymore, Joseph still chose ‘lalaban pa’, reiterating that you should talk about it with your partner for you to know the reason behind it. Besides, you should also be aware of what you have been doing that may have caused your partner to be not happy anymore.

For Sam, it really depends on the situation. He agreed that you should discuss it with your partner, but if you already put in all the efforts to make her happy and she’s still not satisfied, then you better think about it already.

The last situation for this challenge was if your partner lies to you. Sam said that it really depends on the situation. He emphasized that if his partner is sorry and shows genuine humility, he will forgive her and fight for the relationship. But for Joseph, he’s never a fan of lying because he believes that you and your partner should always be open and honest to each other.

Moving on to the netizens’ questions, the first question asked was regarding their experience in working with the cast for a year and what they would miss the most about it. Although Joseph got to join the lock-in tapings for only three months, it felt like forever for him. Thus, he will surely miss the bonding that he made with the cast. For Sam, it’s really such a huge blessing to be able to work with a great cast. He further disclosed that what made the work easier for all of them was the good treatment of the whole cast towards each other.

The two were then asked about the ending of the series and both of them chose to not spoil anything. But Sam said that this week is going to be full of surprises, especially between the characters of Iza Calzado (Ellice) and Jodi Sta. Maria (Marissa). He added that what he likes about their characters is that they show that everyone has a good side and a bad side.

When asked which other character in the series they would like to portray, both actors expressed that it would be the villain Caesar Augusto, impeccably portrayed by veteran versatile character actor Simon Ibarra because it would be fun and challenging to play the role.

One netizen then asked what their biggest regret in life is and how they could compare it to their character in the series. Sam thought it was too personal to share it but he said that he likes the realizations of his characters in the last week of the series. On the other hand, Joseph said that he actually doesn’t have regrets in his life because he believes that everything that he goes through is for the betterment of the person he’s becoming. But as for his role in the series, he jestingly commented that he wished to have applied as the personal boyfriend of Marissa instead of her bodyguard.

One avid fan then asked if it’s possible for her to have a date with them, to which the two gents playfully said ‘yes’, even if it’s just a virtual date. However, Sam mentioned that he has to ask his special someone about it.

They were then asked if they feel pressured in their job and how they’re able to manage it. Sam admitted that he always feels pressured, especially now that the network lost its franchise. He said that he feels the pressure of being secured and he tends to overthink what’s going to happen in the future. Joseph also agreed to feel the same, but deems of it as a good thing because that’s what keeps him going and that’s what makes him do better.

When asked how they reacted on the time that they were wronged by someone and how they were able to forgive them, both of them answered that they always choose to forgive the people who hurt them or who have done them wrong because at the end of the day, the forgiveness that you  give is not for those people, but for your inner peace.

The two were then asked by a fan about their love life and both answered that they are very happy, content, and inspired.

And lastly, with regards to their favorite scene in the series and their upcoming projects, Joseph said that his favorite scene is going to be in the last week so people need to watch out for it. As for his projects, he shared that he’s going to be working for two films this April. Meanwhile, Sam’s favorite scenes were when Ellice found out that something happened between him and Marissa and when he asked his son Jake to introduce him as his father. He also shared that he will first spend time with his dad after Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin, and will then start planning for his future projects afterwards.

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